Monday, 9 June 2014

East Africa?

I always buy biscuits at the weekend for when Kai comes over (that's my excuse anyway)
I heard them clattering around in the kitchen, chatting and looking for the biscuits.. as they do..
So anyway, Ti's girlfriend thinks that little Kai has an accent, and was trying to work it out

So Ti asked him..
"Kai...where's your mum from again..?"

"Roman Road market!!".

Yes - Life's very simple when you're young.

Which got me thinking on the way home today..

Children really are a blessing aren't they. Not just your own, but children in general.
I think it's very difficult to see a child being a child, and not feel a sense of joy.

If you were fortunate enough to have had a loving childhood I think often seeing a child tends to transport you back to that place; A place of joy where everything is easy, and nothing is impossible
Perhaps even if you didn't, you feel it anyway..


Ti made his first animation which I thought was really cute,
Here it is..

On the topic of boy meets girl ..
I bumped into a (handsome) guy from Ethiopia on the way home this evening ( although he has been here in England for years) anyway, somehow we got chatting.. (nice accent..) and he'd like to meet again.
It's funny, I haven't made it to the continent for the longest time...but the continent sure seems to be finding me these days!

.. and to think.. I was actually feeling a little blue.. clearly, I didn't look blue enough! :)
In fact, I really need to try and shake it off.. It's too exhausting, and I don't think it suits me as I actually like smiling too much

I like to play and I like to giggle and feeling blue really kinda messes with that

Okay.. so, it's an early night for me tonight
That's the plan anyway
A little Comedy with King of Queens - ( which I love) then up to Bedfordshire with a book

To sleep perchance to dream


  1. Galumptious - what a great word! Childhood is a great time. No worries!

    Hope things work out with this man you met. It could be the start of a good thing!

    1. I noticed that word too, i really like it!

      Yes, who knows Sherry!, big tick for smile, big tick for convo and big tick for accent.

      I'm optimistic either way. someone said the more you meet the more chance you have of meeting one you click with!

  2. Wow I wish I'd bump into someone good looking and start to chat. :D

    You sound perky!

    1. Its funny.. Joe,as I wasn't feeling Perky. but now I think about it, i was in emotional limbo walking home.

      I usually ignore, so I walked past at first.. something he said caught my attention..I looked back looked again. then thought, hang on Dawna.. cute.

  3. Perhaps it was serendipity that you bumped into that gentleman? :)

  4. This post made me smile. I don't know why. Maybe the idea of meeting someone attractive that would like to see you again.maybe watching children be children. I can relate. I love seeing dads having fun with their kids.always makes me smile. I would love to go to Africa one day

    1. It's nice to meet someone you like :)
      Any particular country Alieux?
      I have a feeling you'll really love it