Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Urban Country

I took a quick trip over to mums this evening. In need of some inspiration.. and some mum.
We chatted and walked outside in the garden, as we did so I thought how nice it would be to buy some tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show and take mum.
She would love it.

Mum has always grown food, but what ive come to appreciate over the years are her flowers.

I don't know how it's even possible for my mums garden to have been totally wiped out flat a few years ago as a result of the big storm we had and her tree falling down.. but somehow.. it's grown back as lush as ever, and puts my own to shame.

I like colours.

I like the contrast of the flowers against the brick wall

This, is a Cactus.
I can't remember the name but I think my mum called it a dragon something.

All I know is it's quite stunning to look at.

Here are the regular Cactus.. looking unimpressed with all that 'showboating...

I decided to walk back.
It was warm enough, and I really didn't feel like waiting for a bus, and a walk is often a way to unwind

On the way home I passed a guy walking.. his pet Rabbit!

I had to ask him

"Is that your rabbit?!
"Yeah.." he said
"Doesn't he run away?!" I asked
"Nah.. he's a street rabbit.. here.. hold him
[laughing] " No it's okay.. can I take his picture?" I asked
"Yeah.. course".. he said .. " His name's Big Paws.."

...and here he is

Big Paws.


  1. Those are all really pretty pictures! I love gardens!

    1. Me too. one of the reasons I love your garden blog!
      I find them really therapeutic

  2. That is an EPIC pet rabbit!! And I love the flowers :-)

    1. Not everyday i see a man walking with a rabbit in his arms..
      Glad you like them !

  3. I like the garden - i agree the look of flowers blooming with a brick wall back drop - speaks to me, too - and, isn't it marvelous how nature makes a come back???

    The Bunny? What a fun surprise . . .

  4. He was cute. It felt quite odd to see .
    Flowers are resilient aren't they.? I love them..you're right..you cant beat natures way