Sunday, 15 June 2014

Open letter to Dad

"Hi Dad,

I always thought you'd be around
In fact, I used to think you'd be around forever
I hadn't known a day where I felt I couldn't turn to you, if I ever needed your help
I guess it's easy to become complacent..
To forget that we're only here for a while..

I know that you always had, only the best in mind, for me
You had high hopes for my future, for me, your youngest,
So I know you were not best pleased when I went off did my own thing, got pregnant early and ended up being a single mum after awhile
No, I didn't meet and marry the lawyer, doctor or anyone else ( with sense) that you would have probably expected me to
and no.. the weren't that tall either
and although you didn't speak to me for a year afterwards, I can honestly say that I saw you smile far more than frown

You and mum made marriage look easy.
If I could have even a fraction of what you both had, I'd be very lucky and very happy

They say that daughters tend to gravitate towards men who remind them of their fathers in some way
and I think for some time.. I consciously tried not to

I wanted to prove you wrong
prove that theory wrong
But I was wrong.
However, it's the kind of wrong you only learn through experience.. maturity or even wisdom
Well.. you do if you're " hard a hearing".. as you may have said.. or rather, if you " tek telling like horse.."

To be honest, I would only ever really be with someone who I respect, as much as I respected you
as to me , you were the coolest..
..most 'dapper' Dad I'd ever seen
and ever known..

The others say that I ended up being the spoilt one
but shhh.. I tell them they're wrong.. but even if they're right...so what?..yeah.. and? :)
I call it a perk of being the youngest, and a perk of being cute.. get over it

Tough, funny, playful, helpful, judgemental, kindhearted, wise, impatient, and fearless
Not perfect, but the perfect Dad for me

My kids liked to play swings on you legs, and dance to Michael Jackson in your Trilby
You were a great grandad.. so it was a sad time for all, when those swings were no longer there, and the trilby was relegated to the top of the wardrobe.

In truth, I suspect no one misses you more than mum
But on this Fathers Day..
I just wanted to say,
Thanks for being a great dad, the best dad,
Yeah, i'm still making up for all my Dawna'ness', while creating more along the way .. just as you knew I would.
But.. hey Dad, fret not..
I owe a-lot to you and mum... and thank you
but now..
I've got this"

Happy Fathers day to all Fathers, and Father's to be

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