Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekend WOW factor..

Stories this week that caught my attention..
Case 1.. too hot to handle

Apparently a US police department facebook page was overrun by comments by lovestruck women and men, who just loved the look of this guy.
His picture has so far been “liked” by more than 40,400 people, has been shared 4,300 times (plus 1 now)and has almost 13,000 comments.

check the story here [click]

Case 2.. is full of Khat

Khat.. deserves a post all of its own for sure, but for now...
Khat is to be banned in the UK
News reports stated that the change in the law was brought about due to complaints by a number of Somali women who complained that Khat, was /is getting in the way of family life. ( and was/is the cause of many problems ) The men say it's just like drinking coffee in a cafe, or an Englishman going to the pub.

The ban, will have a serious impact on the lives and livelihoods of Khat farmers, and cafes run by members of the Somali community ( which will definitely impact on family life)

You can read more here [click]

Question is.. why has the government decided to ban Khat now..?
I struggle to believe that it's simply down to supporting the well being of Somali women

i'll be honest though.. I wouldn't want to share my husband with Khat if it means he's 'off key' and I never see him.. but a ban??


Case to answer
White working class children failing in school..?

Thier proposed solution.. ? make the school day even longer! [click]

Well, at least the haven't simply blamed ..
Absent dads
White culture
White music
Single mums
Laziness or lack of ambition
Low ability
Chips on shoulders
White attitudes ;)

I don't know.. If they ever say that Chinese children failing.. we got problems..

On a serious note.. having somewhere to complete homework is important.. which is why housing conditions, and space, living wage (at least )for employed parents, good childcare etc are so important.
It's never just one thing.

Anyway..til next time...


  1. That's crazy about the Facebook pic! I'd have to agree with you on the reasons working class kids are failing. They're lazy, and there's not a lot of parental guidance and discipline.

    1. I'm very skeptical of their headlines now Sherry. I tend to wonder.. Why are they saying this..?
      What political or social agenda are they seeking to push or promote..?
      Then again.. maybe it's simply true. maybe these children just aren't doing as well as expected

      Our powers that be do make me laugh sometimes though.. the clue's always in the title.. The not so subtle suggestion that its the 'affliction of being working class'. and white's only ever an affliction if or when it comes with poverty.

  2. Well this post has me shaking my head, Dawna!
    The Facebook story of the possible killer too pretty to be locked up makes my heart sink ~ people admire him!?

    The khat banning story makes no sense at all. Why haven't they gone after the Englishmen in pubs? Maybe they should ban the World Cup because of the effect it's having on family life. Oops, maybe I shouldn't joke about that. I'm sure a lot of people are in despair over England's departure from the games.

    The last story just made me very sad, but I loved your comment on not blaming Absent dads ... Fining poor parents is a brilliant idea! That will motivate them all to get that homework done! Our working class families are under such increasing economic stress. Hardworking people deserve a living wage, access to good schools for their children, and decent housing. And I often feel that those who have just don't care about the struggles of those less fortunate.

    When I was in London recently I was reading about the housing crisis. We were staying in my sister-in-law"s (and B-I-L's) flat in a lovely area in Notting Hill. My SIL pointed out just how many flats were empty because speculators had bought them. It's just wrong that speculators can push up property prices so high by buying homes and then not even living in them but leaving them empty while so many others are struggling to find affordable housing.

    The other story that was fascinating to read about when I was in London was the situation in the Birmingham schools with Muslim administers promoting an extremely conservative Islamic agenda in some of their public schools. I found that story rather disturbing. But then religious fundamentalism of any kind really disturbs me.

    Have a good week!

  3. Fundy.. the sending in of school regulators to those schools was horrendous. I found the whole affair embarrassing.
    Yes, any kind of religious fundamentalism unnerves me too, but something about that story was too Islamaphobic. Can a school go from outstanding to inadequate in the blink of an eye?... what was really going on there

    If I was a head teacher of one of those schools I would have been fuming.
    Unless.. of course.. it's true.
    There is an issue here.. that seems to be growing

    I tell you Fundy, if you have enough money you can do what you want, buy what you want, anytime, anywhere. London has a housing crisis in part because we stopped building homes. The focus shifted to the service industry, shops, and hotels.
    we really need to invest in people and families much moreI think.

    its okay to joke about England btw.. we're used to it!!, and we switch teams pretty quickly once they're out ( til next time)
    * having said that I've heard that domestic violence has increased during this world cup, and a woman reported being beaten after England lost their games*.. *yikes*

    Pretty looking bad boys huh...
    If that man's over 6 ft and has decent deportment, he could work as a model I guess.. maybe someone will offer him away out
    But those lovestruck guys and girls need to remember ..some crimes really aint pretty.

    Enjoy your week too !

  4. Replies
    1. Sometimes we gotta see the funny side :)

  5. I heard about that first one. I think it's absolutely insane!