Saturday, 7 June 2014

Katies' song

This song reminds me of Ti's girlfriend. She said she liked it as an IKEA commercial came on one day, and started to bop. Now I can't here or see it and not see or think of her.
In fact, the song has grown on me, so I searched to find it .. and here it is.
..Da song off the IKEA commercial.. aka Katie's song.

The message in the video is interesting.
So tell me Bloggereno's.. or rather..Bloggaficionardo's...
Have you ever run away from something you loved dearly, perhaps out of fear, or perhaps for another reason, only to be reminded of it year's later, but to go for it at whatever stage you are in your life , would mean sacrificing something else?
No..??.. phew me neither.. who does that right!?

Okay.. truthfully?. the only thing I wish I never gave up is athletics. It was my dream to run 800m and 15000 at the Olympics. ( I used to love cross country too.. I used to find myself in an almost meditative state)

I let it go.
Whenever I watch the Olympics or track, it's a bitter sweet experience for me.
but what I let go with one hand, I gained something else with the other.

I don't know if I could have had both.. I don't think so. I would have had a different life for sure, but I quite like the life I've lived.
(just a slight regret that I didn't try and maintain both)

But that's the only thing - weird huh.
Oh.. and maybe lead guitar. I can play rhythm guitar but not lead.. I wasn't patient enough. ( or maybe I just didn't have that particular gift). Now, I'm always in awe of lead guitarists.
I have a feeling you might know that
Oh.. and a double bass. The 1st electric instrument I ever had and learnt to play was the Bass, but I have always loved that big double bass. It's just majestic.
a thing of beauty to behold.

So i'm in awe of double bass players also

Hope you enjoy the song

I think the message is... don't run away from your dreams...

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