Friday, 8 August 2014

Easy to Love - Bucie ft Heavy K - Yes, I've missed you..

Its been intense.
I told myself that I'd work these past two weeks on my dissertation, My personal deadline was to have the bulk of it done by today. This morning, I pretty much completed it.
Aside from cutting back on a few words, and a few other minor bits and bobs I'm done. and all I want to do is CRY.
I'm exhausted and my emotions are all over the place.
I'm serious, I feel sad, and weird.

I don't know what i'll get, but i'll be happy with a 2:1, heck i'll be happy with a 2:2 at this point. I've learnt so much about the theory and ideology of Pan Africanism, of Rastafari, of the African Diaspora, and as a result, have a great deal more respect for a great many people I will never even meet.

I'm not romanticizing, there has been so much sadness also. When I completed my module on war and conflict I studied those terrible conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and as I consider the on going conflicts occurring right now.. I shake my head in despair. I realize that for those who live on the continent in those areas, thier priority is to stay alive... find food to eat, find clothes, shelter... as it would be for all of us.

That being said, I guess In some ways Pan Africanism was our dream, our elitist ( Garvey, Rodney, Rastas and others aside) vision of an Africa we hold in our hearts, having grown up, away from the realities of the continent.
We shared our dream and it took root

There is so much we can learn from each other. Some argue that Africas problems can only be solved by Africans on continent. But I dont agree.. after all..there are Africans' all over the world, and we all have a role to play. We have developed allegiances and loyalties across the globe, and that's fair enough. My own parents were born and raised in the Caribbean, so the Caribbean will always also be a home to me, but at some point we really must take care of the wound which ails us.
Perhaps I do actually want my piece of land

I have so many tunes to share with you
I have pictures and stories
My banana tree has grown bananas!
Yes, dissertation or not .. life in all its glory has continued apace.
Ti's grandad was laid to rest yesterday may he rest in peace, and its my oldest friends birthday today

I didnt sleep last night at all, I don't know why. Now, however, my intention is to take a long soak, and begin the process of clearing my bedroom.. clearing my home Articles I no longer need will now go. Whatever I need will be digitalized.
I will tie up my loose ends over today and tomorrow.. after which.. i'm done.
For now anyway.

I thank whatever Angel has been sitting on my shoulder because as god is my witness, I don't know how I've managed to complete it.

Now.... first up for you...
Easy to Love
"he's my African Man"


  1. Thank you so much Debra.x Its been a tough one