Saturday, 23 August 2014

Iman Elman at TEDxMogadishu

I don't quite understand the audience at times. It's not a sitcom.

Anyway.. that aside..Is it the case that the EU( European Union) have trained the SNA? ( Somalian National Army) or at least played a significant part in their training. I wonder sometimes, how difficult it must be to fight your own people.

A question she was asked was, if she wanted to join the army why did she not join the army in the country she as raised. ( in her case Canada) That's an interesting question. But I guess it shows that the same passion and attachment that may inspire a person to help to rebuild their country of origin, could equally inspire them to fight for it.
Although this talk is aimed at highlighting the gender issue.. ( and how difficult it can be for a woman undertaking what's often seen as a mans role) I thought it was an intersting insight into identity and nationhood

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