Thursday, 28 August 2014

Miss miserable

The weather is messing with me.
I struggled to sleep last night and this morning have woken up with a horrible headache. Outside looks so dark and gloomy. It's depressing.
I really am a summer (or at least a sunshine) person. All this damp and dark British weather is making me feel as though I'm in an episode of Sherlock .. back in the olden days.
I kinda hate it. Can i say that?..

This is the real me....and yes, I am yellow

I've got some windows to clean out back and I really don't fancy doing that in the rain or the cold..
My banana plant is unable to release the final bananas because of the wet and cold weather, and the ones that are out can no longer grow.

I'm not surprised people drink.
It's deeply unsatisfying weather
They say it may warm up next week. Well.. I'll be back at work and the air conditioning will rid me of any outside warmth, so makes little difference there.

Maybe i'll cheer up as the day goes on.
Maybe i'll immigrate someday
Yes... maybe


The other thing is the Prince and I upset each other. It wasn't an actual argument or anything, I got upset about something and then he snapped at me!, so I got more upset. ( because he was upset) That was a 1st, he's normally quiet and just doesn't say anything.. til calm. That way he doesn't say the wrong thing. I think I prefer it like that.
So I'm upset about that
It's the weather I tell you.. it's like Satan ( nope nothing to do with us at all :)


  1. I know, I know, I love the sun and this weather is depressing, and on Sunday we have a big bbq at our house so I really hope it cheers up a bit! I hope you do too!

  2. Thanks Joe.. I hope so too.
    I have one planned for Saturday, but the forecast seems better for Sunday so I think you'll have the nicer weather for it

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    1. thanks O
      got some chores done.. a little fresh air.. has helped :)

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    1. Yes Rajiv, will be cool.. way cooler than the Fonz :)

  5. I'm so sorry that the weather has you down, Dawna! Dreary weather sucks the life out of me! I live for sunshine. I remember the people in Reykjavik out one rare, gorgeous June evening turning their faces up to the sun and absorbing every ray they could capture ~ just like a field of sunflowers. The clip on the substitute teacher was hysterical! Feel better soon!

    1. I love the way you described the people of Reykjavik
      It's that transitional stage where you say bye to the summer. I'll adjust I'm sure as usual Fundy x

  6. what a post. lots of emotiobns. here in nyc it was 92 degrees yesterday - hot and humid. today 82 with lower humidity. thats great. sounds like you are suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which happens frequently when you live in a place that experiences cloudy, damp, dreary weather like england and the west coast of the US - oregon and washington state. major symptoms are depression, mood swings, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating. and just think - i wanted to move to portland orgegon. ha! i guess you know that's out. i sure hope you feel better soon. listen to some uplifting music, watch a very funny comedy, or call a friend. cheers!!

    1. You could be right about SAD Bobby. and good advice. I did watch some Comdey. listened to some nice tunes, cleared out a cupboard, Gave everyone a things to do list for today. Yes, gotta work it out.
      Hmm, perhaps i should treat myself to a whole new winter wardrobe. That would be quite cool, then everyday I could look forward to getting dressed! OOhh yes.. Now that, could definitely put a smile on my face :)

  7. sounds like you feel somewhat better already. shopping? heavens, what fun! try to stay away from black and grey/gray - two of my fave colors, or lack thereof. purple nice. so is red - red is a great winter color. pinks are pretty, too, especially with gray (oops:)! maroon and burgundy are also great colors for fall/winter, and so is lime green. all these colors go very well with black as a matter of fact. happy shopping.

    1. Yes Bobby. i had a much better day today. Even the weather was much better. I tend to wear black alot, usually at work. I really love pink though! and yellow. I'll try out some of these colours so that even if i'm wearing black i can break it up with colour. Last year my sister bought a red coat and it looked really nice.. not something I'd normally go for but I'll try on a few different colours when I do the winter shop. Thanks for the tips! :) I think it will help. Colour helps