Monday, 18 August 2014

Thoughts on a Monday - ft Mafikizolo Ft. Uhuru - plus some Heavy K

Monday already. still..I crammed in quite a bit today.
Last night I finished painting one room. I wont tackle the other room until perhaps Weds/Thurs. It wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped, although I'm pleased with the end result.

I intend to do very little for the remainder of today.

These tracks below have really enhanced my summer break. I love them both. #thankyoumafikizoloandheavyk

Now....I've had a few things on my mind today.. some things I've been mulling over a bit longer

Thing number 1, is the Ebola outbreak. I really don't know what to make of it. I get news updates on my phone ( because I just cant get enough huh) and last night (or night before) it was reported that a hospital in Monrovia, capital of Liberia was raided, and items taken included used ( and possibly infected ) bedding.

There are a number of reasons why this outbreak has concerned me.
Reasons include.. It's a terrible thing.
..then there's the question.. why now?
Also, I was considering taking a trip next year to one of those regions, Liberia or Sierra Leone, which looks highly unlikely now under the circumstances... (just have to wait and see) and also because of just how quickly it appears to have spread. Then... there's the previously untested vaccines that may possibly now be tested on those who appear to have the virus.
How we test drugs will be an issue for many, ( especially those against animal testing) but I'm uneasy about the entire thing. I'm aware that historically, there have been incidents of Africans being used as human 'guinea pigs' for medical research in the past without their knowledge. That's all.

On the other hand, It could all be innocent and well meaning. I'm aware of that too.
Truth is... there is very little choice but to go with whatever help is on offer.
I listen out for updates, but aside from the morbid almost orgasmic fascination of some virologists I've seen being interviewed, (I simply can't share thier excitement).
Its a scary, and horrible thing.
I pray for all those affected, that they get well, and this thing can be brought under control.. fast.

Years of war will destroy a country's infrastructure, result in a need to rebuild, a need of investment that's for sure, and health care is probably top of that list at the moment.

It's a shame that those who make a fortune from mineral rich African countries don't invest more in the places (and people) that make their dreams come true. #justsaying

The other thing that irked me was the news that the 18year old Michael Brown was shot by the Police officer about six times.
No child...no parent...no community, should have to go through that pain.
six times.
Someone mentioned to me today.. I wonder how the officer is, how he and his family are coping.
No idea.. I said.

Top tune, plus I quite enjoyed this video mix - you probably recognize loads of these clips, I recognize some but not all

one more for good measure. Solid.


  1. Sounds like you've been getting a lot done!

    How close are you to the ebola outbreaks? I hope you aren't ever affected by it!

    1. I have been getting lots done Sherry and I really like the feeling :)

      Fortunately i'm nowhere near it - as I'm in London England. I had hoped to, but I wont travelling to that area for now anyway

  2. Dawna, nice post :)
    Ebola is deadly, and like you almost everybody all over the world share similar concerns. It is scary. Here too people have already begun talking seriously about this deadly disease. Airport authorities are vigilant, medical community is concerned and the general public are scared.
    Let us all think about solutions and treating the affected with experimental medicines is one method. It is such a serious disease and now mankind is totally clueless in tackling it. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

    1. True Rajiv!
      I watched an interview on Aljazeera, and the doctor and virologist had no answers really. That made me feel uneasy. Jeesh.

  3. i am so out of the loop because i dont watch tv. both cases are very sad. the shooting remainds me a case here in nyc in which cops shot amadou diallo 50 times. i think 28 bullets hit. he was unarmed. how do you shoot someone or at someone 51 times? what's up with that? even if the cops were right (which they WERE NOT) in thinking the man had a gun (which turned out to be his wallet), how do 5 cops shoot that many bullets? they couldn't shoot him in the foot or leg? WTF!!!!? i mean really? it seems to me we have are not over the effects of slavery in some aspects of america or the world for that matter. as might be the case of help/aid coming to those suffering with the ebola virus. however, i sure hope that these situations get under control soon. cheers!1

    1. 50?!! I've never heard of that case. wow. i'm shocked by that.
      I was watching Martin Luther King Jnr's son being interviewed earlier today on the news..
      Some things bring it all back don't they..still.. the civil rights movement etc is recent history.
      I hope Ebola gets gone soon

  4. I have been wishing you had some wisdom . . and, here you are. I am listening to these terrific tracks . . Ebola virus . . . i am grateful for your common sense - teaching us to think - how it takes time to rebuild after war and hardship . . My heart aches for the families . . . AND, Ferguson, Missouri - is one of the towns around St. Louis . . so, while this is going on right here (my township is also part of the St. Louis region/county) - every time the news is on - every time it comes up in conversation - and it is on everyone's mind here . . . I KNOW you would have something exceptional to say that would give me a clearer perspective, a deeper understanding . . perhaps some way to be a small part of the solution . . yep, You have become one of my teachers . . . I wish a good day for you . . . -g-

  5. I didn't realize this was your neck of the woods so to speak. It's upsetting. I've been watching it all unfold on the news. I watched the mobile phone footage of the aftermath, and I don't know of anyone that could ever think that what has happened was okay. The kind of extreme violence and extreme reaction often visited on black men when it comes to policing, needs to be addressed, and seems to be one born out of fear.. and the rest... most people now know what it is.
    Unfortunately, society appears to have assigned the 2 F's to many black men. They are either to be feared.. or f****d. Too many stereotypes may be funny in a stand-up routine, but in real life, can be devastating.
    Its crazy that some people are authorized to use guns. I hope the outcome for these people is satisfactory. The world is watching these events. Its not good.

    I watched Obama's press briefing on whats happening .. and I'm glad he mentioned that the anger and pain felt by the community was understandable, although he stated that to go on the attack would be to undermine the work that now needs to be done. He's way more articulate and diplomatic than I... But then he is leader of the 'free world'. He was very calm.

    One of my concerns with Ebola, is no-one seems to know why it has flared up. so once under control, what can be done to stop it 'flaring up like that again?.
    btw .. I learn from you too:). have a great day Maggid

  6. you've been busy!

    yep, like my mom said, we are living in the last days.

    regarding the cop who shot Michael Brown? How is he doing? Just fine, I would think. It's just another dead black person to him, i would guess.

    1. I hear your mom, ive heard it said a few times
      Hmmm.. the cop?..that would sadden me.