Thursday, 21 August 2014

Squeezing drops of sunshine.. ft Wizboyy Ice Prince and Timaya

I love Timaya's voice

Oh I gotta tell you this... some guy thought I was 25 yesterday.. 25!!.. hot damn. I told him I was * cough* 40 ( oh well..why confuse the matter huh) lol!!. He just kept staring at me as if to try and find it!.
okay people.. you don't necessarily wear age like a jacket
said he's tryna get his PhD before he's 40 as he wants to work for the UN in Nigeria. I laughed. He's 33. I told him he had plenty of time. Funny guy. Old head on young shoulders


  1. ..and yummy.. I agree Rajiv :)
    Hope you're having a nice day..

  2. i love the music. hot damn is right! he took how many years off you? obviously he thinks you got it going on. its so funny, i get that a few times too. but i quickly tell the young dudes, i am NOT a cougar. although i will date someone 5 years younger than me.

    1. Lol!..seriously? he took off 20. Very into disaster management and setting up his business to support Nigeria.. esp in the north of the country. We talked for ages .. hes very smart and I like his passion ...but he way to straight for me lol! .. looked like he was on his way to church ( no disrespect or anything) but .. you know what I mean.? . Maybe we'll be mates.. spoke to him yesterday and apparently he told his friends he met this nice girl and his friends told him to lose my number!. 'If you value your life ...' they said 'you don't take up with anyone from that area!! No one from Hackney is any good.,. they well bad down there. You crazy?.. you no like you life ??Lol!!!
      He still called
      ( and.. he was on is way to church i discovered)
      I however.. am okay right now for love. kinda got my hands full

    2. btw bobby.. I'll take your 5 and see you 10. Its been sanctioned in my home also. I have 'official permission' to date a guy of 35. 10yrs younger.. :)
      perhaps it's just natures way