Saturday, 16 August 2014

Football's back again - ft Christopher Martin.. 'Change your Life'

I thought it was a mistake..! Thought you had to pay for Sky Sports..!..Thought there was a glitch in the system.. Then Ti said no. Everyone gets a freebie today for the start of the Premier League..!
For real?

So it was Arsenal and a victory all the way. 2-1 Result!


I'm almost finished painting, kinda tired now though and keen to stop. That's the thing about decorating, I start off really enthusiastic but underestimate the work involved. Then I just really wanna bail out. Still.. It's looking good if I say so myself. better than it was that's for sure.

Doing lots of 'boy stuff' today huh,
Oh well.. balance up the 'girly shopping' I did earlier.

I have this vision in my head that I've got to see through... for some reason
So.. I'm gonna do the last bits, enjoy some good tunes, and not lose sight of what makes me smile

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