Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The best in me - Marvin Sapp

The funeral for Michael Brown was streamed yesterday so I was able to watch. I caught the Eulogy delivered by Rev Al Sharpton which was really something.
Yes, It was strong.
One thing that stood out for me was when he said.. and I'm probably paraphrasing...
'Some of us are too heavenly bound.. to be any earthy good'..
Reminding us, I guess to be weary of using religion as a form of escapism.. hiding place, or even.. an excuse
'What did you do?'.. he asked

It pleases me that the family are getting support, as what they have had to deal with is beyond words. It was very moving, very sad.. and profound.

The words of this song as simple as they are, made me think. How fortunate we are to have someone willing to see the best in us, when everyone else can only see, or only desires to see.. the worst.

I said to a friend last week. I don't care which day you observe the Sabbath.. makes no difference to me.. and has little bearing on the content of your character
We have seen enough to know.
I was referring not to him in particular.. but in general. Could be anyone.


  1. i agree with what you say. i haven't been watching tv - just because of all the killing, violence and negativity on it. i am tired of all the hate, mistrust, violence. but in passing i have heard about this case. oh brother, it's too sad. sharpton is a powerful speaker. if you need a sounding board or mouth-piece he's your man. we really need to get beyond what are differences are (although uniqueness is ok), to get to the heart that spiritually we are all the SAME. no one greater, or better, but noble spiritually. cheers!!

    1. You summed up TV so very well!.
      I agree with you. Tell you something, I must have forgotten or something but I was really impressed with him. he is indeed a powerful speaker. Kinda fearless.. and I really like that.
      Bobby... sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I cant understand some people at all. Sometimes I wonder if we are all the same...even with all that I know.. I see some things.. and every so often.. it makes me wonder.
      Just as Sharpton is a better speaker than others.. some seem able to express love more than others.. for whatever reason. What we all do share.. is the ability to try, the ability to strengthen areas where we may need strength, to find compassion, find heart.
      But I have faith. Gotta strive for better, and for peace.