Sunday, 10 August 2014

ft Bracket - Nana.. Sunday evening, its time to chill

I like Bracket alot - and I especially like the Congolese feel to this one.
Nice and easy video. Just right for a pre bedtime Sunday evening slow down
These French speaking guys huh... pretty darn hot if you ask me..

I've not had time yet to write about any current affairs. But one random thing I did pick up on the news today was the kerfuffle over Baroness Warsi.. who apparently resigned over her party's ( Conservative) stance on the Israel/ Palestine conflict.( don't ask me what it is. as I've no idea..) Since then I've heard some mutterings about the fact that the majority of the Tory inner circle went to Eton or whatever, then something about lack of 'ethnic minorities'..all apparently things she's unhappy with.. but forget all that.. for a mo
My only question..if I had one to ask her would be...
Exactly which political party did you join?


I also heard that Boris Johnson does have his eyes on number 10 after all.. wants to be P.M huh?
No surprise there really if he does..



  1. God help us all if Boris Johnson gets in.

    1. He's a funny man. pretty smart too