Thursday, 21 August 2014

..on domestic violence

So.. mental and verbal abuse is to be treated with the same severity as physical abuse when it comes to domestic violence.
Often, the mental abuse lasts far longer than the bruises and scars.
Mental abuse can make a person fear thier own freedom.
It's a vicious cycle.
That said...
I had a conversation recently about this and it was clear that some cultures do not recognize or treat domestic violence as domestic violence.
This is true of women, and men
For some, it's a mans right.. it's a family matter.. family dispute.. and should be dealt with and remain 'contained' within the family as a family mater.
To report such a thing to the 'authorities' would be an outrage

Therefore, perhaps what's required is education and training...cultural change, criminalizing men ( or women) is not always the best way forward.
Some may need to be locked up for sure. But others may just need to rethink the true value of women..
.. and that includes women also.

I wondered also..
is lying and/or cheating on your 'partner' a form of mental abuse?


  1. Mental and verbal abuse, both are bad. Words can hurt and some criminal minds know better about it than anyone to make use of it in a very effective way to seriously hurt the partner. Domestic violence is a serious issue.
    Thanks Dawna for this thought provoking post :)

  2. Thanks for your view Rajiv.. true.. some know just how to do it
    It's when I chat with people from different backgrounds that I realize more and more that for some its deeply embedded in cultural practice. Most times though I just think.. dude ( never met a woman who did it) ..find another way to deal with your anger/your issues , whatever they may be. Domestic violence is SO unkind, and makes a mockery of a marriage or a relationship .. makes a mockery of love..I think