Thursday, 14 August 2014

Three husbands?

I'm pretty sure I would be okay with one.
In fact I know that if I should ever get married, I will have decided that he is enough for me. The one for me. That i'm willing to sacrifice the things he cannot deliver, accept his flaws as he will hopefully accept mine...simply because the love I feel is so great that everything else pails into insignificance.

But there are times when I wonder.. if i could have two, or perhaps three. Why not?
I would love them all, treat them well and be a good wife.
No.. a great wife.
If one annoys, or starts acting up, perhaps the other will be there for backup, and to comfort me.

I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has wanted or wondered this... am i?

To be honest, I only intend on saying those vows once.
but sometimes I wonder.. with all this love I have to give.. be a shame to waste it

I guess this is what marriage is all about. Giving yourself to one person, the risk it entails, the fears you must face, the willingness to work things out when you argue, (and not jump ship at the blink of an eye) . To be true. All for love.
Hmmm. I will be blessed and thankful for the one I think.
A choice not to be taken lightly then. (for either person)

Good morning all.
I'm re-arranging references as I speak which is always a 'joy'. then.. we have lift off!

I don't 'drink', but I think a bottle of Baileys may be on order tonight
"Baby Baby Baby"


  1. That makes me think of some female comic or another who asked why any woman would want 3 husbands? You'd come home from work at the end of a long day just to find all 3 of them sitting on the couch, watching TV, waiting for supper and none of them would have taken out the garbage. LOL!

    1. Oh shit srceam!! LOL!!!

    2. Lol! I can still actually picture it, and Its messing with the great image I had in place lol!

  2. hey, men do it all the time. i say go for it. but in reference to what debra said - if it was me, trust - all three would NEVER be sitting on my couch watching tv, doing nothing. taking bout - can you get me a beer. great post. cheers!!

    1. Some men do without even letting people know that's what they're doing Lol.
      Sound like you would run a tight ship :) . I need advice. Seriously, Debra's joke messed with my fantasy. I can imagine my TV being stuck on Sky sports forever and all sorts now!