Friday, 29 August 2014

Jhene Aiko... and some Friday stuff

It's Friday. I'm up and the sun is out.
I've got to return and collect a new Gazebo as the one I bought will not cooperate. Wonder how I should present. Like an understanding consumer?, or a really disgusted and ticked off one.. (just for fun of course)

Then, I'm off to pick up my box of Snapper, and that I do believe that, is that. Got a day of cooking prep ahead, but.. I intend to do it with style. I'm gonna wear my favourite shoes, and whatever outfit makes me look and feel nicest
I'll get some help later but I know my friend..she's a late person .. and I don't do last minute dot com's. I'll cut her some slack though because she has to work today, and I don't.
Will pop by mum she's how she's doing with my chicken order.
The minor Prince upset passed quite quickly.. only wish the Ebola outbreak would do the same

I told Ti I had wanted to visit near that region next year, and he said.. you crazy?..you're not going anywhere
I have faith it will all be sorted by then
Have a great day all.. hoping for a better weekend