Saturday 3 May 2014

Cat in a box

If someone left a baby on my doorstep , I'd probably want to keep him or her, raise him or her as part of my own family.. if I were able to..

What about a baby cat?

For some reason, someone abandoned a baby cat on my doorstep.
That's not right is it..

It was yelping outside in the front yard..

I've told Ti that we can't keep you know what Ti's like with animals..

We already have Rocky & Snoop.. due to Ti

I told him to call the Vet, ( which has finally done)

But they said it's not an emergency, as his legs not hanging off, and they wont be open til TUSEDAY!!

..and in the meantime they said to keep him warm as he's probably only about 2 weeks old, and give him kitten milk and food
kitten milk and food!?!.. I was wondering what the heck I was gonna feed myself much less!

So now... I've been asked to babysit 'Fitzgerald!!' *(don't name him.. please!)* the cat in a box, so they can go and buy kitten food and milk
Lardamercy.. I knew I shoulda gone library
..does anybody realize I may just have things to do..
what next?.. I keep having to check he's okay..


  1. Do you have a local Humane Society or animal pound for strays that might take the kitten quicker than waiting for the vet? You'll all be hooked on the kitten by Tuesday!

  2. We called one that we know of, but there must be somewhere else!.. i'll see what Ti says when he gets back from getting the food from the other vet

  3. He is so sweet! Do you have a pet store in the area? Maybe they can take him.

    1. He looking much happier now hes warmed up.. and is starting to get busy and curious..
      Yes there's a store nearby, but we may have a few takers for him which is good. He's cute .. seems to like nestling under my arm as I write

  4. My bet is that sweet baby will be staying.

    1. You're very close Birdie
      gonna have a few upset faces here but Ti girlfriend's will be taking him today.. this little cat has been the star of the show this weekend,.. so I can say.. whoever left him in our yard knew what they were doing.

      We've talk him how to drink milk out of a lid, and he can do it all by himself now!..and he now knows how to use a litter tray, Fitzgerald is much stronger now, and playing. if I wasn't so busy right now perhaps, but with Ti at Uni as well its not so easy. Close as he's not going to strangers, and they're very excited!