Thursday 1 May 2014

Will we ever really love each other?

.. or will we always limit our love to our circle of immediate or intimate friends and family?..

Power in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.
What are the right hands you may ask..

Here's the thing.

Now I know you know this.. but It's worth stating again. Nazi Germany was not just one man - Hitler
Neither was the African slave trade just one man, or woman.

Tell me...If it were your job to enforce something that you didn't agree with , what would you do?
How much money would it take for you to cast aside your integrity, beliefs, or values?
What brought this on?..
You may well ask..
I caught a glimpse of a show where an enforcement officer was threatening to tow a man's car if he didn't pay an outstanding parking ticket, which he said he had already paid.

The woman ( officer) was so cocky, so barefaced and condescending.. yet it turned out that the original fine had been paid.. but some bureaucratic bullshit had occurred, and he had incurred additional costs. so.. she got him on that.

Anyway.. I couldn't get over the woman's behavouur .. having an orgasm because she had an officer by her side. Wet panty every-time she spoke to the man as though he were nothing.. tingles down her thighs, as she realized the extent of her power.. and the demise of his.

I can't stand that kind of thing. ( not the sexual references.. the crazed power rush!)
I can't get over the fact that a large number of people will bemoan something.. yet enforce it. If no-one did it.. if everyone refused to be heartless.. it would stop. Trust me on that.
We'd have to, and would want to.. find another way.

A colonizers favourite strategy was and still is, to remain (whenever possible) incognito.. whilst ensuring thier every whim is carried out.. by others appointed to do so.
All this from a show about parking enforcement officers.. :)

I don't like people being taken advantage of.. and it really is as simple as that.
Bringing a person, or people to their knees, or to the depths of despair, doesn't turn me on.

You know what's sad.. people go against thier values often because they need to earn a living, to feed themselves and family.
A basic human right.
Yet what chance does a society have if its people are paid not to care... and as we're now global in our outlook, What chance a world?

Dawna... it's the law!.. you may say

Well..a law should have the consensus of the majority
And if a law is exploited purely for monetary gain.. what say you then?..
When will we realize that governments are not just some monolithic untouchable entity.. but are simply a construct of individuals
.. of people.. of us.

I'd like to think I wouldn't do this stuff..
Milgram's test, is still relevant today..

For example.. have you ever wondered what an unemployed person will eat, if, or once thier social security benefits are arbitrarily stopped...?
Somebody has to stop them, for them to stop.
have you noticed they're not really referred to as social security benefits anymore . ..
I hope people will love me enough to never want to hurt me.. even if offered a millions bucks!

We've really got to reignite our commitment to caring.. to love
You don't believe me?.. watch the news.

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