Sunday 25 May 2014

Weekend WOW Factor - ft Party Political Swap-sy's..

Some fractions are calling for Nick Clegg to step down as Liberal Democrat party leader. They are unhappy with him.

Labour's current leader, is also under the 'should he stay' spotlight

The Labour party could use a new leader.

Don't get me wrong. Ed Miliband seems like a really nice guy. I'm sure his heart's in the right place. He's good.. smart. But he's Wet, very Wet, ( can he make a fist and shake it in the air please??) and appears to struggle a bit to come across to the public as authentic.. E.M lacks bite... is just way too soft, and he hasn't really managed to gather party momentum.

Labour need to make it clear to people, how life will improve under their leadership. Many people who vote Labour, do so out of loyalty, or because they'd rather jam a fork in their leg than vote Conservative or the other guys.

They can't be a party that stifles ambition.. which is what some people think they will do. People want stuff. (and aren't keen on sharing) (Sorry Conservative supporters)
Big generalization I know, but people want to work , earn thier money, and spend it as they see fit. I know I do.
Progressive Socialism.. sounds about right. Or.. Ethical Capitalism.

It's true.. trust me.. (although I'm not yet a doctor)

The Lib-dems were ideally placed to claim the 'center spot' but messed up.
UKIP have managed to steal the attention that they once had.

Interestingly, comments I've read about UKIP range from - 'Nigel Farage (Leader) is very down to earth...says what we all think' to.. 'UKIP are a racist party with no policies..'

For the record.. for some reason, UKIP fail to strike me as any more racist than the other two main party's. Both Labour and the Conservative party have an embarrassing racist history with regards to immigration, and even now, the immigration policy is racist.

.. well... with the world cup around the corner.. all parties will be celebrating some good ole English nationalism before long that's for sure.
That being said, I discovered this week that life is the UK for a EU migrant/immigrant is actually quite difficult. the 'entitlements don't come rolling in at all, and they do not get access to equal benefits or housing It's actually really tough.

Perhaps we could have, and what we need, is some kind of party political Swap-sy ( or Swap-ski ) if you're Nigel Farage.. see what I did there? .

I can honestly say that I really do like and admire.. Vince Cable. Can we have him please?
Please don't let me down now that I've said that Vince :)

What is the likely-hood of Vince ditching the Lib-dems and joining the Labour Party?
Possibly slim.
But without a doubt. He is thier ace card.

Oh yeah right Swap-sy... well..they can have Ed


If Elliot Rodger was a visible Mulsim, or had posted a video about 'Islam and the West', would he have been picked up long ago?

Elliot Rodger

America's gun laws never cease to amaze me.
How many more internal shootings by civilians of civilians will it take before there are significant changes?. Apparently, Elliot was known to police because of a previous video, in which he threatened to do what he did. Yet he was able to do it.
It took 9/11 to place America under high alert with regards to terrorism. Here in UK too. Islamophobia is at an all time high. Yet America has seen quite a few of these internal incidents of late, and still... nothing. fact.. correct me if i'm wrong, but America has had more internal 'home grown' shootings than terrorist attacks.

Got to feel it for all involved. A horrible thing

Immigration Detention Centre
Yarls Wood.
Home to Adult women and children ' awaiting british residnecy. or deportataion

It looks like a prison, but it's not. Exactly.
Anyway, in case you missed it. There are allegations that some wardens are taking advantage of some of these vulnerable women sexually... and otherwise. Some women, it's claimed, may be trading sex for simple things that they are entitled to anyway.

It's a difficult one.
When I first heard about it I was a little outraged... yet as time has passed a part of me is less surprised.. and thinks.. what did they expect.
It needs sorting that's for sure

On a side note.. I was rooting for Althetico..
Wow.. minutes away from winning.
..then 4-1!?. Nooooooooo. I could barely watch.

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