Friday 2 May 2014

Richie Stephens ft U Roy - Real Reggae

Have a lovely weekend..



  1. This music is soul soothing . . golly, i wish I'd learned this earlier. Every once in a while i would hire a musician to play Reggae parts for me - they understood the tempo - but, did not manage the soothing feel of these pieces . . . so, the few recordings I made with this intention - do not touch the heart of the matter in this special way.

    if i ever find myself in those circumstances again . . i will know what my heart is expecting.

    Thank you, AGAIN!!!

  2. You're welcome Maggid..
    I love U Roy's voice.. and could listen to 'members only' by Duane over and over..
    Glad you like..!.. and bet you could get the sound you want outa Reggae now:)