Tuesday 27 May 2014

Good morning Mr Clegg, good morning Mr Cameron,

Fret not
and Good morning all..
For awhile Black Uhuru was one of the coolest Reggae bands around. I saw them only once at Reggae Sunssplash UK.

I woke up, and as I had breakfast,was watching the aftermath of yesterday's EU elections, and this tune came to mind.
Michael Rose I've seen perform solo a few times. I remember him being very tall and very striking on stage. Sexy , cute and serious.
This video is a great trek down memory lane - check out Sly and Robbie!

I felt a little sorry for Nick Clegg yesterday, so much so that I felt a bit bad about having called Ed wet :)
Maybe it's my imagination, but Nick took ages to appear for the media, and looked to me like he'd been crying.
...how could that not make anyone feel compassionate

I liked the fact that he came out fighting. I respect him for that. showed some backbone in the face of his party's utter humiliation
Good for him
What we need?
oh.. and some compassion.. see Nick.. see David.. that's what that feeling is..

*Good news about the Nigerian schoolgirls so far. Let's hope they get them home safe ly soon

*What's going on with Ukraine?


Black Uhuru Flashback

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