Wednesday 7 May 2014

Nigeria's house

It is reported that Britain and America are to assist in locating Nigeria's kidnapped girls.

A wonderful thing you may say.
Or is simply a strategic political move, and if so, have Boka Haram handed even more power over to those they call 'the West?'
I do think we need a new definition of the West. it's really not what it once was.
.. know what I mean?..

Ironically perhaps, Nigeria's economy is on the up.

Nigeria has declared itself the biggest economy in Africa, and has added 89% to its GDP, now worth $510 billion, soaring past the previous leader, South Africa, worth $370 billion. [click]

'Nollywood' Nigeria's film industry is being cited as having a huge impact on the increase in Nigeria's economy.
Nollywood, being Nigeria's 'Hollywood', or Bollywood'

It's said that the industry generates employment for about one million people, making it the second largest employer in Nigeria with annual sales estimated at $250–350 million. for more info [click]
Reported at 590 million in other sources

Perhaps I'll locate a Nollywood film that I like and post

My guess is that the UK and US's involement has lees to do with Nollywood, and more about 'Oilywood.. and political positioning'
Nigeria's Oil rich and has been prone to corruption [click]

But this is a serious incident, and help is now required..
Plus there are too many Nigerian's and Muslims across the Diaspora, for us to turn a blind eye. the situation affects us all, directly of indirectly.

So what's going on Nigeria?
..this incident has placed the spotlight on your house

Records sales were an estimated 50 million US dollars in 2010, and revenue from an estimated 1200 concerts and music shows held in Nigeria accounted for a combined annual turnover of 105.5 million US.

This sounds great, so why with Nigeria doing so well creatively, and economically, do 70% of its inhabitants still live below that relative poverty line, and why do antagonisms run so deep.
Where do the group Boko Haram come from, and why have they resorted to these terrible tactics.
But that , is a question for Nigeria I guess

Perhaps, I've been unfair on some of these post-colonial African counties. Although clearly they have not been able to shake off those shackles, perhaps it's too early to expect them to be able to do so. Perhaps hope and change will lay with younger generations.

What's clear is.. if Nigeria don't get thier house in order, if they fail to deal with the corruption that resides in amidst the ranks of government right through to market places, if the distribution of wealth and opportunities fails to improve, someone else, may just step in and do it for them

I'll leave out the 'Goodluck Jonathan' pun.. it's too easy.


  1. Hey Donna Lee! I was thinking last night, when I listened to the news, that the US and others were a bit late to the party with their offers to help. The comments of the first lady of Nigeria were interesting; she was saying that the abductions were fabricated and more. I just pray that the girls are not suffering ~ but that seems too naive to pray for.
    As for Nigerian creativity ~ sometimes I really think that strife and dissonance feeds creativity. I hate to think of all that is happening there.
    I had a Nigerian student in my third grade class a few years ago. He came from the loveliest family. They were grateful to be in the US.
    Have a good one!

  2. hey Fundy!
    That's interesting!. I hadn't heard what Nigeria's 1st lady said..
    I know what you mean about creativity - I think that some of the greatest creative endeavors can come from adverse situations at times..

  3. Oh, i was about o write - then, i saw your insightful response to fundy -
    Now you have me thinking . . .
    I will look for a GOOD Outcome - somewhere in this - (sigh)
    I know the future is in good hands - because i get to teach middle schoolers and they are exceptional people . . . but, while we wait . . . and encourage thers - the current day stories are so sad.

  4. .. I think this current stuff is up to us..
    We may not be able to stake a claim in historic actions which may have led to some of these situations.. but one day.. people may just look back on our generation and say.. what the..!?!.. just as we sometimes do now..when we look back
    Have no fear, for as sure as we find histories or tales of barbarism.. we can find tales of genius and greatness also
    Funny really,
    Teaching children.. you ( and Fundy) both do that.. so cool!
    If I taught in a secondary school, I'd teach social studies or something - humanities I think they call it now. I love the smell of school halls especially after the holidays.. ( odd i know)