Friday 2 May 2014

Sex and stones...

..of Donald Sterling, the American NBA Clippers owner who was 'banned for life' after being caught on tape telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games and more... Some people have pointed out, or wondered.. how he could be racist, and have a non white or 'black' girlfriend.

I think that point is interesting.
It links to the idea that racism is a thing of the past due to the number of 'inter-racial or mixed' relationships, and increased number of 'mixed raced children'.
I understand why people would say that, but unfortunately, an individual who is white, can have a black partner, and still maintain white supremicist views...can still not want, or like to be around black people... or at the very least have an 'unexplained unease' around black people ( .. and that can be true even if the individual is black.. and has a black partner)

Which brings me to my question.
If your partner holds white supremecist views..,. and you are non white.. why would you want to be with that person?
How could you lay with someone who is racist?.. unless you are racist yourself.

A lot has been said about Sterling.. but I have a feeling that his 'girlfriend.. would have heard those remarks before... which makes her no different in my opinion.

For those who have said she is black.. is she?
She may not be 'white'.. but she's not' black' either... is she..?
So who is black..?
.. and what does it mean to be 'black' today

I think that Donald Sterling does have a right to his opinion, I also think that what he said ( although I've not heard it all) was an emotional response to a relationship problem. In short, I think he was Jealous... which may help to put his remarks in context.
..and that he's extremely rich.. may help to put her in context.. #justsaying


In the news today, TV [presenter Jeremy Clarkson.. was apparently caught on tape/camera saying the 'N' word. ( For those of us familiar with Clarkson..Is that even 'news'?)

Now Clarkson knows, that he, can never say that word and it be okay.

Ti said they should replace him with Idris Elba :)
Well.. I know who I'd rather look at

Happy Friday! x


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you are willing to offer honesty. I hope - (I'm not an expert on these things, but i can hope) - that these things are like stickers . . do you remember when a sliver of wood got lodged in your hand or knee and, it stuck itself in so well you actually had to wait for it to surface so it could be pulled out - removed?

    Just maybe, if some of these old ideas come to light - humankind can get over it and choose some beautiful direction instead . . (yeah, I'm ever hopeful.)

    Would be sweet if the media began putting positive spin on these things, instead of delighting in the poor choices and then attempting to ruin a wealthy person . . . instead of trying to change human hearts everywhere . . .

    Your questions are stellar . . . Thank You for being You - and for being willing to speak out.

  2. There are many dimensions to theses things which I find interesting. I think it helps to talk, like in any relationship, its how we build bonds and get to know each other. That notion in itself sounds simplistic I know, but it remains a bridge to understanding. I think crucial to the debate is.. cause , intent, and context.

    tell you what though.. Clarkson's been irritating long before the N word :)
    ..and from what ive noticed.. jealousy has long been the cause of many a stupid thing said, or done..( especially sexual jealousy)
    I think we will continue to struggle with, questions, or explore notions of who we think we are in relation to others.. for some time yet.. which may not be easy. Still.. it's cool.. keeps me busy and chatty at the very least:-)

    Thanks Maggid

  3. My first reaction was why would she be with him?
    Surely she had to have known that he was racist!
    But that doesn't excuse his words.

    The whole situation regarding the making of the recording and its release strikes me as very strange. And it makes me feel icky ~ almost like both of them were using each other for some personal payoff. Their relationship seems sad and tawdry.

    I'm afraid that there will always be racist people who act out of fear because they see someone who is different from them. If we could just recognize each others common humanity and heart.

    On a lighter note, I'm with you: Idris Elba is much easier on the eyes!

    Have a good one!

    1. There is a strange element to it I agree
      It's also true that often, what is said in private would not be said in public.. for whatever reason..and that's just how it is

      Yes, Idris is cute.. I watched an entire boring program about drag racing or something, just because he was in it.. don't know why.

      Clarkson is not a funny guy IMO, I used to watch Top gear but he put me off.. I'm sure he appeals to some.. even now, after that pathetic nursery rhyme stunt and silly 'apology'
      Still, it got his name in the papers.. and even on my Blog.. Grrrr lol!

  4. I can't stand Jeremy Clarkson. He ticks just about all the wrong boxes for me. Racist, Sexist etc. How he's been on tv for so long I have no idea.

    Let's be honest the only reason she's with Sterling, is because he's extremely rich.

    1. ..and there it is..!
      She's pretty but for some reason ..don't look so good right now. They deserve each other I reckon
      How has he been on TV so long?.. I don't know either
      he got a warning from the BBC apparently
      His non apology apology makes me cringe