Tuesday 6 May 2014

Emma Nyra..' as I'm Up..

..and rested..'

Cool tune. Nice voice, nice melody..and I'm ready for the week ahead
Have a great week all x


  1. Hi Dawna Lee! I've been catching up with your recent posts, although I'm stuck right now on Desert Blues! Wow! I didn't realize that the blues had been traced back to the Tuareg people. Much as I love blues music, I haven't studied it. But this album gives me chills it is so good. Loved Rokia Traore too! I'll have to catch the rest another time!

    When I saw Ti holding that abandoned kitty, I knew immediately that he loved animals and was a kind and gentle human being ~ just the way he held it so tenderly. I'm not a mother ~ couldn't have kids ~ But I have some appreciation of your role as a single mother having taught in the public schools for 25 years. It's really tough to be a parent. My experience has been that parents make the best decisions they can at the time, decision after decision. Some they get right, some wrong, but they were never deliberately choosing wrong. Ti has two kitties already. You're both busy. Adults have to make hard, but practical choices sometimes. At least little kit-kat has gone to a home where it will be loved. Hard for Ti I'm sure, but I'll bet sooner than later he understand and appreciate your decision.
    Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks Fundy, I really appreciate what you've said..
      Yes, thankyou.

      Desert Blues.. you know..I came across the track by chance, as i was looking for something else and listening to something else, and it opened a door to so much more.. it's just so interesting.. lovely sounds,.. I'm so taken by it..
      Rokia.. love her music also!

      thank you, and hope you've had a great day..

  2. She does have a really nice voice, and the melody is catchy!