Thursday 8 May 2014

Men in Uniform

Its been said, that women love a man in uniform

I've often wondered why that is.
It's also said that women love a man in a suit.. which I think is the same thing really. As a suit.. is a uniform ( office style suits anyway)
In truth we all wear a uniform, and often , our clothes say more about us, than we'd like to admit. They may say .. 'actually.. I don't care about clothes much', or they may say .. 'actually..I do'..clothes can say lots of things.

Would anyone ever really watch this sport if it wasn't for this particular 'uniform'

Sometimes, I don't like wearing clothes, well.. not too much anyway. I like to feel the warmth on my skin, air, and clothes can feel quite restrictive at times.
Yet that being said, I do love clothes. I love nice things.(.. but then who doesn't)
I don't have a 'just gotta have it mentality' about them.. no.. I can just as easily walk on by.. but .. I like them.

So why do women love a man in uniform?, and does it matter which uniform?

Oh yes..I think so.

I think Firemen are popular because they're heroic, they save lives. They rescue kittens from trees, and all that.

With Soliders, it's less clear cut. Whilst they tend look cool in combats or camouflage... (I remember on the train once, some solider's got camo.. and red berets, and it was really hard not to stare) in truth..thier business is War. The mind tends to wander, as you still see the humanity in them.. these cool looking guys who are trained to kill. Now on a London train, with no war in sight - it may seem cool.. sexy even, in a war zone..??? hmmm.. slightly different perspective.. pretty much attack or defense Solider-boy all the way.

Prison Officers are lower down on the scale I think, much lower, they..and... police officers, Perhaps.
Again.. all in context.
For many, and especially depending on the circumstance..Police officers would be number 1. ( theoretically speaking anyway)

I think it would be difficult to date a police officer. I've known a few women who were either married to, or dating a police officer, and jolly happy they were too. I can't help but wonder if he'd secretly bug me or something... snoop around in my drawers. I mean.. how much of what you do and say together would remain private. ( which in truth, is the same for each on the list.. I wouldn't want some guy checking my phone when i'm asleep, or emails.. heaven forbid..oh yes.. trust is a must)

..and that would not be very chivalrous behaviour now .. would it...!

I admire paramedics. They're amazing people and look great in thier uniforms that's for sure, male and female. ( kinda Army green)

A suit is designed to make a man look decent. Look like a great man, a greater man, greater than he may even actually be. Taller, smarter.. ( sounds like the intro of the 6 million dollar man!) Just like a bra can lift our boobs, a good belt tighten our waist, and high heels make us look taller... all's fair an all that

We have the technology...

So why do woman love a man in Uniform..? ( If we actually do and it's not just an urban myth)
I think it has something to do with power, or safety or something
that...and they're sexy
So do I?
Simply put.. 'not if he's an arsehole'.


  1. Hmm women in army uniforms ... Demi Moore G.I. Jane ... what were you saying? :D

    I have to say American cops look hot too. :D

  2. That tend to look 'beefier' if that's even a word. US firemen too.

    Women in uniforms? I guess the same still applies. The nurse fetish may be cliche, but I suspect is still top for many. It's that taking care of thing again isn't it. Lara croft count? fictional but cool.

  3. Definitely not nurses or anything medical for me, just a turn off. There is something appealing about law and order I suppose, and military although I'm totally anti war and guns etc.