Friday, 30 August 2013

African women In China, and Rolf 'didgeridoo' Harris

I was up earlier than I thought I'd be, but perhaps that's because I slept poorly last night.
The news I awoke to, was that our MPs ruled against British military involvement in Syria.
How long before they find a way in?
I guess, bypassing the UN (again) did not sit well with most MPs after all

Ironically, perhaps there may have been more a legitimate reason to do so on this occasion, (if chemical weapons are being used) It's tricky, as although many people would perhaps be in favour of supporting or protecting innocent people around the world from the terror of war, or politicides
People are now very skeptical of British foreign policy, and trust has been eroded.
and to be honest, I think most people want peace, and not war.

There is pretty much a constant barrage of disturbing images, which again,perhaps makes people wonder what's really going on.. (why there, and not elsewhere)


Another news story caught my eye yesterday.
actually, two did

One was Rolf Harris, the once very popular children's performer who has now been charged with 13 child sex offences [click]

I don't get it Rolf. (a bit of an icon for a generation)
I can't tell what it is yet

The other was regarding two black women stranded in China [click]

The women have stated they were beaten in a store after an argument, arrested, detained for 38 days,and having now 'overstayed', are being denied access to apply for an exit visa to leave, as they are still on bail


During the report it was stated that there has been an influx of Migrants from Africa, and the 'darker skinned migrants' are now facing much hostility.
It was politely stated there is a growing racist element in China, growing racist attitudes, and the daughter of one of the women detained, mentioned that when walking in China, some Chinese people hold their noses, whilst others say things like 'dirty black'

I found the story quite upsetting and hope that the family get the support they need, especially as one is quite ill, and needs her heart medication.
China, China, China
In the words of Marvin Gaye, what's going on?
Heck..we know what's going on
It reminded me that if you're black, the world is not always your oyster...there will always be the possibility of ugly racism. The possibility of having to rethink holiday destinations, having to consider alot more than a passport and visa when wanting to see the world.. is absolutely ridiculous.

What's even more ridiculous is the number of Chinese businesses and Chinese workers in countries across Africa.. Nigeria, Congo etc...can you imagine?
Someone needs to have a word back home.


  1. Yes, I think Britain got burned last time by illusory "weapons of mass destruction" and acting without UN sanction. So now everyone is extra cautious and doesn't want to get embroiled again. Looks like the US will be on its own this time around.

  2. A week can be along time in politics, I guess we'll see