Monday, 26 August 2013

What would you miss if you lived with a Tribe for a month?

I've always thought (and still do), that Masai men and women look really cool
This picture in particular... gets my vote
and I mean really cool

Symbols of beauty and maturity
Looks painful. ( mainly when the plate is out ironically)
In the Tribe documentary below Bruce states that legend has it that it was first used as a way to deter slavers from taking their women

I like the reddish tint used by Himba women
I do not believe that they bathe only once a year as sometimes stated

I do sometimes wonder how they manage without things we women have become accustomed to.. and reliant on.

I found this rather amusing. hey.. I can't stand a man without manners either!.. we have something in common
Lack of chivalry can be a real turn off

If it were not for... female circumcision ( or cutting as its known.. tribal or not.. you can ostracize me if you like on that one..but certain things are a big no no for me) the occasional or regular drinking of blood,
lip stretching, body scarring, husband sharing, and daily physical hard work... I think i'd make a pretty cool tribal wife... err.. on second thoughts.. scratch that.. I don't think i would actually.


I wonder what they would make of me..

To be honest.. our needs appear quite similar..if not the same, just played out/performed in a different way.
Men have big.. Egos.. and women like to look pretty.

Alternative rights of passage for girls? [yes please]


  1. LOVED these blog postings.

    Interesting- I always knew there was a reason for the plates.

    What would I miss if I lived in a tribe for a month? Alot comes to mind, but the first thing that came to mind was a daily supply of running water. And soap. I shower right after my gym ( I workout at lunch time), and though I'm sure I'm clean when I go to bed at night, I can't sleep unless I shower again.
    After water & soap, then electricity. I was going to say music,but I could sing to myself the songs I missed.

  2. I too thought of soap and water/facilities.. esp as a woman..
    I don't eat meat so a tribe where that's not a staple would be great.
    Darkness at night's okay.. but I am a little bit 'scared' of insects so will definitely need someone to cuddle up to at night.. so no hut surfing for whoever that may be

  3. I'd be afraid of rodents gnawing on me while I slept. I guess I'd miss the security of knowing I won't be eaten up at night. And I dont know how I'd forget-- I'd miss my kitty Isaiah

  4. Lol.. maybe Isaiah could go with you, attack those pesky rodents

  5. This may sound odd, but I'd miss my 'freedom' ( or sense of it) I have a feeling I'd be expected to take on a particular role, and I'd want to say no alot.. but because I'd be foreign, I'd be really dependent on the tribe for everything.
    But remember Alieux.. we can bring things/skills/improvements to the table also.. shit.. I sound like a bloody colonizer!