Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The little things..

I've had a focused day today.
Kinda easy really. Had a fun chat with bro.. who just found out I've been on leave.. then promptly told my mum :)
"Can you believe Dawna's been on leave all this time and didn't even tell us....."
It's fair to say I've kept a low profile..

I have a few birthdays coming up.. big sis tomorrow..
Then Ti see's in and blesses September, whilst my daughter and myself will see it out.
I do love September.. It's my birthday month, I love October too, as I'm on the cusp, and my brothers b'day is just after mine.

I've felt thoughtful and loving today. Don't know why.
To be honest, I feel as though I've had a sip of Irish.. but I haven't.. really i haven't, so I can only put my current feeling down to my pre and trust me.. post Masterchef' soundtrack

You know.. for weeks Ti has been quite excited (as usual) about his up coming birthday (he'll be twenty)
So, I told him he was being 'annoying' and I cant buy him anything anyway ( for the fun of it, and to get him to keep schtum)
Then.. one day out of the blue, he said he wasn't looking forward to it anyway, and you know.. that made me feel kinda sad.

The reasons he gave were that everything is changing, as just last August he celebrated his mates birthday, and now his best mate is no longer here, and another has just been sent on holiday

I reminded him about the friends who are still here.. etc etc and he perked up.
We're only young once, and I really want my children to be happy.
It's important to try to find joy in life
There is no magic wand.. just gotta work at it

So.. my 1 recipe cake will be getting another airing soon :)
and Ti is back being Ti.

It's all good

It's so old skl .. so unfancy, it's now legendary. A friend of my eldest son loves my cake, and knows every birthday.. cake and candles.
Better make sure I get some foil in.


  1. Hi Dawna -- there's an award for you over at my blog today (Thurs Aug 29)!

  2. Hey Debra! that's so cool..thank you so much:))
    I'll pop over and check it out!...