Sunday, 4 August 2013


I love banana plants.
My aim to to grow as many as possible so when I look out.. I feel as though i'm in a tropical paradise.
I just love them..that's all.

One did bear (small) fruit around 2 yrs ago, but I've not had anything since from the other plants.
I think I may have made the mistake of not cutting that particular plant right down to the husk after the fruit, as i was told they only bear once.

What I'm not sure about though is how to cut them down without causing damage. I've trimmed old leaves okay,, and they tend to 'fall' back' in the winter, so perhaps that's when I should cut them down... as they are really quite tall now.
I don't want to cut them in their prime.. so yes maybe i'll wait until late Autumn, then cut them back, that they can begin again with renewed energy in the Spring.

I noticed when clearing up a bit today a few baby suckers coming up.. great.. I will nurse those, and replant elsewhere

There are plenty of tips available online which is great. So far, I've just been playing it by ear. it's an organic relationship.. lasting years.

I just love banana plants.. that's all


  1. They're not your typical London foliage! But oh, so beautiful. I'm surprised it's not too cold for them to grow that far north.

  2. Not typical at all.. but they seem quite adaptable..which is great. They endure the cold well.. but they love the sun and a nice downpour of rain.. like me :)
    Some people cover their bananas up in winter to protect them, I've not done that and they have been fine.
    I'll try a palm or coconut..when I can, and see how I get on... May be a challenge, but i'm a trier :)