Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Spotlight on..Sammy Davis Jr

A seemingly strange and complex man.. but has always attracted my interest.
Smiled alot, but never really looked happy to me.
Performing in hotels he was not allowed to sleep at, due to the colour of his skin, to crowds who loved him, yet hated him
I wonder how much he had to suppress, just to get by.
I have a feeling his act did not end when he walked off the stage.
A great performer

Between two worlds..
Who was Sammy?.. I still don't know, but a legend he be.

In the video, it's said of a black woman who dated him..(Lola) it's believed she loved him.. in her strange way?
What strange way would that be then.

Hey.. you know what I've just noticed?.. that Ive posted the song Mr Bojangles about 4 times now
1. Nina Simone
2. Dennis Brown
3. John Holt.. and now Sammy
Clearly.. I really have a thing about that song. To be honest.. I quite love it. it's been imprinted in my memory bank since I don't know how long, as I can't remember ever not liking that song.
Sad songs help me to concentrate.. and think...and I need to concentrate a little more today

* I had a slight crush on Sammy growing up*


  1. I don't know much about Sammy Davis Jr outside of the things I've read over the years. But from that little amount of knowledge, I will conclude the man is a bonafide legend.

    Nice tribute. Gone, but never forgotten.

  2. I hear you Don, I still don't know much either.. bit of an enigma.
    Majestic and stylish.. huge talent.
    Okay..I've gushed enough :)

  3. Did you hear that Lee Daniels is considering doing a movie based on his life?

    1. No, I hadn't heard that. A movie I'd like to see for sure

  4. I loved Sammy Davis Jr when I was a kid watching him perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. I'm sure he had a tough life, given the times back then.