Saturday, 3 August 2013


Sometimes we worry about little things like getting older.
Sometimes I worry
Will I still be cute
or even a little attractive
Will I lose my sense of humour
Will my body change..if so how..and will I be happy with it
Will I get bigger.. smaller
Will my fortunes increase
or remain the same
Who will be in my life
and who will have gone
Will I stay level
Will I become grumpy
Or will I remain soft
Will I be loved
Will I be loving
Will I be happy.. or sad
Will I be lonely
Or will I be too be busy to be lonely
Will I be smarter.. wiser
Yes sometimes I worry
But those times are becommig.. less frequent
With each passing day
I like getting older
I like me
I'm okay
being me


  1. Interesting list of things to wonder about but worry? All of it will come to you whether you worry about it or not, so just enjoy the ride. Old age is not as scary as I once thought it :)

  2. Wonder.. not worry. I like that Pauline. I have been known ( by myself mainly) to worry about things that do not require worry. Doesn't work as a solution.. or answer :)