Tuesday, 27 August 2013

VMA's.. and btw .. err, why do Virgin cancel channels whenever they feel like it?

Music lovers...
What could Miley Cyrus be doing on stage to be the recipient of looks like this from the Smith family?

Well... dancing half naked on stage and gyrating on the crotch of Robin Thicke.
I've heard so much fuss about it... and it seems to have been met with much distaste.

Media outlets have been rather cruel towards the ex-Disney star... (I remember her TV show, as my lot used to watch it when they were younger (which meant... so did I)

a really fun show

Well.. shes all grow'd up now

We arrived at a 'clothing optional' stage when it comes to music a long time ago, more so with certain types of music I will add,
however,let’s remember Madonna gyrating half naked used to cause a stir back in the day also, until she seemed no longer able to shock, and was overtaken...thanks to hip hop honeys, dancehall queens, and pop artists such as Rihanna, BeyoncĂ© etc...

The music industry is a male dominated industry, and women who succumb to the pressure to present a hyper sexual femininity, and are willing to be objectified... are sometimes rewarded handsomely... and I say sometimes, because you can rest assured the few that get through are a minority (a very small percentage)compared to the majority of those who try... get used or exploited,then dropped.

In reggae dancehall .. I've been told women rule.. It’s a woman’s domain..
Well... yes and no...
While the women do provide the glamour of dancehall, are the main feature of a dance,and are free to celebrate their sexuality (if hetrosexual) and womanhood... the majority of dancehall artists are men...

If the men say bend over... the women bend... if they say bleach often the women are at the very least tempted ... if the men raise the bar further and promote further competition between the women... competition prevails.. and many women will go all out to be the most outrageous, and serve up the most sexual stimuli, in the hope of praise and attention.

Ironically... many of the male artists will then retire to a nice home... with a wife and family, a million, miles from the life portrayed in the dancehall.
It’s a job
It's cool
But it's a job.
It is however, also a way of life, and like most things, there are many sides to to the tale.

Dancehall queens can earn alot of money, and some will hope to be selected to star/appear/dance in videos, which may then launch a lucrative career
the view from the bridge is...it makes perfect sense.
and.. it's fun.

So why the Miley fuss?..
The main thing I noticed about Miley is that she looked very thin compared to when I used to see her...
But that's okay
I then wondered if the pressure to be a pop 'sex siren' was deemed ( by her team) to be the best way to resurrect or further her music career
Who knows...?
But I will say this
The lovely Rihanna has performed in many many tinie tiny outfits... and as a Bajan.. knows a move or two straight outa dancehall
Not many people bat an eye... its fine... no outrage ( aside from a sexy dancehall Ex factor TV performance a few years back)
So what is the main difference between these two ladies?

I do wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they hail from different cultures
and a woman's cultural background often impacts of how we view her femininity, and what we expect from her physicality
What is proper behaviour.. and what is not
I know I don't need to spell out the cultural sexual stereotypes that accompany the female form

If i'm honest I didn't really dig the performance.. it looked odd to me
but I am not immune to cultural conditioning either.
but generally speaking, I often think, just because we can .. doesn't always mean we should
As women.. it really is our call

Me?.. hey I just love music..
and the nice vibes draw me in every time ..

It's evolving, changing all the time..
there really are .. blurred lines

On to JT..
I think Justin is a fantastic artist, I have heard him sound better before, but I think the atmosphere looked electric, and is possibly why it has been hailed as the best performance of the night

As for cable.. thanks for BET and a few other randoms.. but where the hell has MTV dissapeared to?
It's like going to a restaurant ordering pot luck

* update , Ti found MTV..
Okay Cable.. I apologize


  1. Maybe I'm getting old in my old age, but I think less of any woman who feels the world needs to see what she has to offer unless she's a whore, as whores charge for what shed displayed for free.It would be appropriate for a strip club. Kids aren't allowed in strip clubs. Yes, Madonna , Rihanna, and Britney did it. Try something new. Surprise us by being classy. I wonder how her father feels.

  2. I doubt it's your age..
    I love your line.. " surprise us by being classy".. unfortunately, I doubt that will happen.. for many reasons
    1. Not everyone knows how to be 'classy'
    2. Sex sells.. literally ( and people want to get paid)
    3. Pressure to conform
    4. Attention seeking behaviour.. gets.. attention
    5. Perhaps some want to be thought of as the 'cool kid' in the playground call life, and may think that being considered prudish wont get them there
    .. could go on an on.
    what does her father feel?.. in Mileys case (isnt he that country singer?..)or any case really, I wouldn't be surprised if he felt nothing (showbiz an all that)

  3. I didn't catch the VMAs, I usually never do, but I saw the reaction to Miley Cyrus twerking or should I say Tweaking (cause that's definitely not Twerking). My reaction is pretty much the same as The Smiths.

    What happened to Miley Cyrus? She got herself a black man? Lol.

  4. Don.. the picture of the Smith makes me laugh.. I guess she caught the public by surprise..
    Minxy Miley :)

  5. I saw a bit of this story posted on Facebook and then saw a bit of the show posted on You Tube. If she is in Christ, Ms. Cyrus will eventually likely understand she is sort of walking two roads and the secular one is not as fulfilling as she once thought.

  6. I hear you on that Russell. I guess sometimes the desire to mix it up a bit, takes centre stage.

  7. I just thought of Madonna masturbating on the bed singing "Like A Virgin". It's like we've kinda seen it all before, so it wasn't really shocking at all. She's done a good job of destroying the Hanna Montana image which I'm sure is why she did what she did. I kinda like Miley now, and I never used to.

  8. That's what I thought also.. it has been done before right?
    I liked Minxy Miley during her Hannah Montana days..( loved that show) hadn't seen her for some time though. I've seen a few clips since.. and think Robin Thicke looked a little stiff.. I'm sure he wasn't nervous, his song has been a huge hit.