Wednesday, 7 August 2013

When someone loves you

As simple as it is, I think that love is often sooo misunderstood, misrepresented, manipulated, even abused.It's often used as an excuse., a scapegoat.. which is a shame.. love by any other name.. is not love
So here lies a few of my thoughts on the matter..

When someone loves you
They just do
They display it in a variety of ways but ultimately
They just do
And you know

They support you
They consider your thoughts and feelings
They never try to hurt or manipulate you
They don’t speak ill of you behind your back
To think ill of you hurts them
So they don't
Stab you in the back
Find pleasure in your discomfort
Cause you discomfort
They are loyal

They care about your well being
Your hopes
Fears and insecurities
Never would they use your weakness
For their own selfish gain
To gain your trust is everything
So they guard it intently
They are your best friend
A trusted friend
They listen to you
Respect you
They appreciate all that you are

As beautiful as you are to them in their eyes
It goes beyond looks
How pretty you are
How handsome you are
How sexy you are
It’s bigger than that

They carve a niche into your world which enhances
Doesn’t detract
They appreciate your friendship
As they know that true friends
True friends
Real friends
Can be hard to come by

Their kindness extends beyond you
Extends to others
Their honesty extends beyond you
Extends to others
They know that love is love
Sex is sex
And making love
Is making love
They crave your company
Not out of desperation
Or selfishness
Just simply to create
To experience
More love
To infuse love
To enjoy love
That extends
That overflows

Although you may argue
You reconcile
With no
Lasting grudges
Willful plotting of revenge
Attempts at creating jealousy
No fuel for anger
No play on guilt
They recognize what they have

It’s built on a strong foundation
On joy
On happiness
On fun
On introspection
On expression
You can be you
And it’s okay
You feel safe
To cry
In their arms
To show your sadness
To be vulnerable
You remove the mask
You show to the world
And the ego knows its place
There is no need for ego
It’s redundant
The search
Is over

Contentment sets in
You are content
At ease
Your love harms no one
It blesses all that come into contact with it
A beacon of light
Of joy
And inspiring
Not eager or grasping
No bitterness
No spite
No games

Known by the company you keep
You keep yours well
You keep love
You protect it
From predators
As it protects you
It’s never too good to be true
It is true
It is truth
And clarity permits insight into that which is false
Pretenders feel uneasy
As the revelation that the shallow cannot be filled
With the deep
It’s never forced
Begged into existence
It’s either there
Or it isn’t

You cannot fool love
With gifts
With sex
With words
With promises
Or falsehoods

It's easy
The easiest thing in the world
To do
To feel
To be
It's the air we breathe
The soul within us

When somebody loves you
Truly loves you
Really loves you
You know

* Who would you be.. to have such a love in your life*

You feel me....


  1. May we all have such love in our lives!

  2. Yes indeed..
    beautiful thing

  3. Loved this. Really, really good stuff and I concur.