Thursday, 29 August 2013

The One Lovely Blog Award..

Thank you very much for my very lovely Blog Award from Debra She Who seeks
Which is now proudly displayed on my side bar.
It's my 1st ever,yipee.. so I am honoured.

Okay.. following your lead Debra, I shall tell you all 7 things about myself ( If I haven't yapped on enough already)
and pass this award onto to 7 lovely blogs that I also enjoy reading. (only 7 this time) which I hope they will collect.
I will also tell you what it is about the blog that I like.

Okay here goes.
1. I am the youngest of 5 (I have 3 brothers and 1 sister)
2. My favourite colours are yellow and pink (not together)
3. I had an acute fear of people as a child
4. I love writing plays, and will be over the moon to have a play on at the National
5. I love the intro of this song

6. Walter Mosely is my favourite writer.. Easy Rawlins.. easily a character I love the most.

7. I'm 5ft 8, but people always say i look taller... trick of the light I say, but it's cool.. I love it :)

Now here are 7 blogs that I enjoy reading and would like to give this AWARD to

they include..

1. Chocolate covered daydreams
Because it's such a personal blog, and Simone writes about her family with so much love

2. Afrodisia
A real cool Blog..uplifting and inspiring, as I said.. real cool, with great writing.

3. this person called me
I love the elusive nature .. every so often she pops up.. the blam.. gone again. Kinda sweet really.

4. Reggies Rantings
Very funny.. with some weird ( I can't help but peep) pictures sometimes. Neat. like it.

5. Siamrootsical
Reggae fans?.. need I say more?

6. The Ramblings of a Madman
Slick and stylish.. cute blog, and well written

7. Diane Cayton Hakey
I love the pictures of the home and garden..family life, hot diggidy..nice.

love ya
Enjoy your day x


  1. I am over here from Debra's blog. :-)

  2. Thanks! I feel honored! I love your blog entries and your music choices so much! I'll have to see the other blogs in your list. I like Reggies' too. They make me laugh.

  3. Fascinating facts, Ms Playwright -- wishing you much success! I will visit your 7 recipient blogs this evening when I have more time to browse and enjoy.

  4. Aww thank you. I took my mum and brother to a play I had written awhile back, and the turn out was amazing. I can't tell you how great it is to watch people so engrossed in something you have written, laughing at the jokes, and gasping when the unexpected happens.. it was so convincing that my mum still calls one chap by his character name. It's as if they forgot that I made it all up.
    love it.

  5. It's nice to be recognized Dawna, I am honored that you think so much of my blog.

    I haven't posted much lately......but I promise to do better (maybe).

    I really enjoy reading your blog too.

  6. You're most welcome Reggie

    I've noticed you haven't posted for a while.. look forward to it.. as I'm sure do many others :)

  7. Hey thank for the award & mention Dawna. Its nice of you to single out SiamRootsical when there are so many great reggae blogs out there & I'm pleased you've been tuning in... Strictly for the love of reggae music!

    Your blog has long been a fave of mine likewise. Love the positivity :D

    1. Paul Rootsical.. you are welcome!! :)