Saturday, 3 August 2013

BBC HARD Talk - Zimbabwe's Justice Minister - Patrick Chinamasa

Change. Often a brutal and bloody affair - as can be... the status quo

There are some things it would be wise to remember, colonial rule would be one... much because of it's legacy.

What is the real argument here in this interview, why is Britain really so 'mad' ..
Breech of human rights?..if so .. whose?... or.. is it land reform policies?

I watched this today, and would have preferred a more balanced and less interrogative interview ( although it is the BBC's hard talk, and is therefore to be expected) it's very revealing nonetheless, on both sides... if you read between the lines that is.

Neo colonial landgrabs, enscrined in law if needs be
Have money.. will buy.. if not

Is it really that simple?

Is this simply the longest unresolved argument?

I would like to see, and hear, some honesty..
But the history.. and legacy , may be just too fresh.. and too painful.

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