Thursday, 1 August 2013

Love is limitless

Love never dies
It's eternal
It takes less effort than hate.
But relationships, require work
Because we do
We make them what they are
For better... or for worse
As we continue to work on ourselves... strengthen and know our potential to love
So shall we see the benefits

I wonder then, about war .
Some say we know war, so we can know peace
We know hate, so we can know love,
We know lack so we can know plenty
We know hunger, so we can know what it is to be filled
We know sadness, so we can know joy
Everything has its place
A purpose
I think that love is limitless
I just do
It just is


  1. I think I know all of these but hate. Not personally. I have disliked but I have never hated. I have felt hate against me though

  2. I don't think I hate. I can dislike too though. Sometimes I think that hate isn't hate at all.. but something different.. then I see the news..and i'm reminded why it's called that.
    It's simply the opposite of love
    That can never feel good