Thursday, 1 August 2013


An absolutely scorching day today.
I think my arms are now officially the colour of dark mahogany.
I have a crush on them.

Last night I reminisced a little, thought about times gone by, old acquaintances, and found strength in what I’ve learned from my experiences so far.
At times of impact I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, but it’s fair to say I see much clearer now.
I set myself a few challenges, you see, much to do with being stronger.. the nature of self belief.. and a few others things. It’s always work in progress…well for now anyway.. so much so it’s almost not worth mentioning... but I thought I would anyway.
For example, i've been a bit snappy this evening.. snapped at the boys – young men, about the housework.. then had to fight the feeling of feeling bad. Felt I had ever right to say what I said, plus I’m the adult. It’s just that after that.. I really I don’t like to see them look sad.
Big picture says it’s not that important
My picture says.. perhaps... but I am.
See I told you.. work in progress

Time for a cool soak
Nothing quite so grand

In from work and a not so random conversation..

'Do you know who won the election in Zimbabwe?'
'seen any news today'
'Me neither'
'How about you?.. you're on twitter all the time..'
'Yeah .. but my age group don't care..'

I'll find out soon enough I'm sure..

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