Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Race & Respectability - Illdoc Vids

* .. a concerted effort to not talk about it.. may mean it matters more than you say..*


Yes.. those conversations we have with ourselves...:)
..but hey..only two??

Currently reading - Internal racism - a psychoanalytic approach to race and difference.
Yes it's possibly preaching to the choir - but the internal thought processes of the psychotic is an eye opener.. and is helping to shed light on a whole lot of mess I've both witnessed and encountered over the years.

The colour-blind theory holds no water.

Racist organisations are reliant on subjects being in their 'proper' place, being in character, continuing to be receptive to projected guilt, or racist thoughts or beliefs.

By racist organisations the book refers not to bricks and mortar, but to those internal systems that construct the self.. part of the structure of the mind, alongside self, mother, father and superego.

In one sense the book implies that racist thought is a 'natural' process... concealed and hidden in modern times, not discussed, or highlighted.. unless something, or someone unsettles the internal equilibrium.

I would argue against that however, as racism is very much a product of modernity, a relatively new and socially constructed phenomena, and a very conscious process.
But.. the argument is both compelling and extremely plausible.
I'm not done reading yet.. but...

Two key features of internal racist functioning against the object racialized other?
Projection and rapid reversal, and phantasy presented ( and accepted I'll add ) as reality
Internal racist functioning of the racial other?..

I'll save that for another post
My break is over

Have a nice day

* I thought I'd find it a difficult read.. with lots of terms/concepts alien to me - but it's not too bad thankfully.
Written by M. Fakhry Davids - for anyone who wants to take a peek


  1. The first videos- A M E N. The third video- Note to self. I have those questions whenever I have to speak publicly

  2. Apparently public speaking is the worlds number one fear.. second is death. ( don't know how true that is, but it's up there)
    I like his openness in theses videos - 1st two .. on point/spot on.. last one..yes.. I know what he means :)
    Funny really