Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer break.. and late morning.. it's nice

First morning of my break. I was up so late last night.. after 3am.

Spent the time drifting in and out of sleep downstairs on the couch watching Family Guy..then American Dad. Until I finally decided to get to bed. Out like a light.

Took a short cut through a dodgy estate on my way home from work, but there were gun shots at the exit so I couldn't take that route.. I got stuck in a rabbit warren of alternative exits, unable to find my original route in.
I asked for directions.. but they couldn't help.
I was alone.
I got scared...stuck in a lift dodging dodgy people, then decided it may be best to find a secluded corner and camp there for the night,

*That was my dream...*

Today is the first day of my summer break...
The weather is sunny and fresh.. slightly damp due to the rain.. It's really nice. Very Lovely indeed.
Bun and cheese for 'brekky' and fresh Orange Juice
I feel lighter already. I've slowed my pace...
Time to refuel

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