Thursday, 5 September 2013

Body clocks..

I'm still trying to get my body clock back on track.

Prior to the summer break I was a 5.30/6am riser. Now... I'm struggling to manage 6.30.. its become more like 6.50.
I know ( for me) 7am means I'm running really late.
I'm also trying to make sure I have a decent breakfast which includes eggs, so that takes a little longer. Longer it takes me to get ready, the later I get to work. Later I get to work.. the later I have to stay.. later I stay.. later I get home.. later I get home.. later I get my bath.. later I get my bath.. later I have dinner.. later I have dinner later I get to do everything else.. later I do everything else.. later I have me time.. later me time means.. later I get to bed.. later i get to bed...
get my drift?...

So.. The solution is I simply have to force myself back into the rhythm,.. and get up earlier!!!!

My song for the day (which was yesterday lol)

Stevie Wonder
It's foggy outside.. Autumn has arrived

Yes.. definitely in the mood for some Stevie


  1. I don't know what's going on with me, but I just can't sleep at night.

    Lately I've been getting four or five hours of sleep, going to sleep at 11pm and waking between 3am and 4am. Rarely do I get a full night's sleep. I guess I need to discuss it with my doctor during my next physical. I absolutely don't want to take medication to resolve this issue....I don't want to start down that path.

  2. Definitely worth a chat with doc I reckon Reggie.. even if it's just for peace of mind

  3. I too only sleep about 4/5 hours a night as well, but I've never slept well, but I'm okay with it. I'll sleep when I'm dead!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I loved your videos. I am loving the feel of being retired because I am a night owl and used to teach and get up at six! Now 8:15 seems like a snap! Enjoy every day!

    1. your welcome Gayla.. thanks for stopping by too. How teachers get sleep with all that marking and prepping to do is a wonder.. Glad you're enjoying being retired.. time for you now :)

  5. It is a vicious circle and one I am trying to explain to my son who is like me, a night owl!

    1. It's exactly that.. a vicious circle!. there's something alluring about a late night.. must. break. free. :)

  6. I'm always in the mood for Stevie!

    I'm getting set in my old ways. In order for me to be at work at 8, I need to be out of the house by 635 which means I need to drag myself out of bed by 6, so what I do is set my alarm at 530. In order for me to have a sufficient amount of sleep I need to be in bed by 10pm but I can't seem to manage to get in bed until about 1130 or shortly after midnight. So when my alarm rings at 530, I reset the alarm to 30 minutes later-6. But I never get out of bed until about 615. That leaves me with 20 minutes to do what needs to be done before leaving the house, and that's cool because my clothes are already ironed and laid out soon as I get home from work every evening, and I shower and shave my head right before going to bed, so all I have to do in the morning is shave my face brush my teeth and put my clothes on, and I can do that with 5 minutes to spare without before having to leave the house,and gives me time to make coffee and fill my thermos by 635.
    I have it down to a science.

    Every time I have overslept I have always awakened by about 647 am.So I guess thats the time my body block is ready. I dont set my alarms on the weekends,and on saturdays and sundays I tend to wake up during that time also.