Friday, 13 September 2013

Songs for a rainy night

I don't know my family past my grandparents
I don't really want to ask my mum too much as it can be upsetting for some to delve into the past.. it may not be, but I suspect it may
Carribean family trees can be tricky, alot of work and investigation..may involve searching colonial archives etc.. depending on how far back one wishes to go, and with the destruction of many records, displacement, slavery, the adoption of western names etc..it may turn out pretty sketchy
Yet I'm intreaged
There's a story there, not straightforward, but deserving of remembrance
Maybe one day.. someday

Songs for a rainy night?



  1. I was adopted at 2 weeks old. I have no blood ties at all, and I never wanted to find out anything about my birth mother. And I'm okay with it. I am, what I am.

  2. That's interesting Joe.. true we are what we are. I just wonder sometimes.. .
    I met someones else who was adopted at a young age, and wasn't interested in her birth parents either. loved her family, and that was enough
    Oh.. also.. what type of music do you play.. you're a DJ right?

  3. I find genealogy very interesting and encourage you to explore your family history if you are interested too.

  4. I am a geneologist/historian. Tracing my family has been so interesting! It can be really challenging but worth the effort. let me tell you, it is not easy! You can search for months and months and finding nothing. However, when you do find something it will open up a whole bunch of stuff. That is what keeps you going.

    1. That's really cool Birdie..
      Hmmm intriguing

  5. I can relate. I found out at 45 that I was adopted at 11 mos of age. Every one knew about it but me. Everyone-even my younger sister. It was my then 11 yr old nephew who told me. I was born in NY and my birth records are sealed. all my aunts died before I could ask them. my mom will tell me nothing. she gets upset and defensive.

    1. I can't imagine what that experience must have felt like Alieux