Saturday, 28 September 2013

Snoop Lion.. not scary at all

Snoop looks like one of my brothers

Hey Snoop.. about this music vid...
I reckon the Panda takes it..

I prefer the original..
I think it would have been nicer to have retained a little more of its original essence..
A little less wacky?

Still.. wacky may sell more
Tell you what though. That Panda could have held down this track on his own.. rocked it throughout.
I could take a Panda vid with the original any day. Cool dude
What say you.. Panda and Ranglin?.


  1. The original's got it, hands down, panda or no panda.

  2. They are so different - amazingly, uniquely different from one another - that I don't feel any comparison is needed. The original is definitely some of the best jazz I've ever heard - The "wacky one" - is bright and colorful. It speaks to the wonder child in any heart listening. Golly, I'm glad you shared - these are things i'd never seen or heard before . . You have totally made my afternoon.

  3. That's nice to know! glad you enjoyed :).
    There's an animated vid for the my baby just cares by Nina Simone..which i love. I reckon someone could do one for the Ernest Ranglin track and it would be amazing.

  4. not a fan of snoop lion. love the instrumental. I going to find it on iTunes and download it