Thursday, 26 September 2013

No matter how many times I watch it..

I still enjoy it..
I love films

One of my favourite films,( which I’m watching now for possibly the gazillionth time)... is Bridget Jones’s Diary. I particularly like the scene with the Van Morrison track..
I like Rom coms.. what can I say..

I’ve caught a few episodes of The Office recently, ( not a film I know) and although I don’t find Ricky Gervais particularly funny.. in The Office, as David Brent... he’s hilarious.
He's also okay in Night at the Museum, but can’t touch Ben Stiller.
Ben Stiller even looks funny. Funny bones.
If Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in a film I’ll watch it, and enjoy it... as they also make me laugh
I can watch an entire movie for just one scene.. if I miss it.. I’ll be quite disappointed. Most films have 'a scene'..Like a little nugget of gold.
One such nugget (for me) is in the film the Break –Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston

The Tone Rangers..
If you've never seen the film give it a try..

.."and Gary.. on the kick drum.. come come.. on the kick drum..."

I like silly sometimes..

I think I mentioned once that the worst ending to a film for me.. with regards to dialogue is Pretty Woman... very disappointing.

but I do like the line in Bridget Jones..
"..i'm still looking for something...more extraordinary than that.."

and on that note..that's all for tonight.. sweet dreamZ


  1. Ohhhhhhhh, I do not like the movie, Pretty Woman! It is just another Cinderella story where a woman needs a man to rescue her out of a difficult situation. The movie (IMHO) makes women look powerless. And what of all the other millions of women on the streets that don't have a handsome millionaire come to "rescue" her.

    1. Yes.. there is that Birdie!..
      No rescue fi Darna :)
      Tell you what though..there is a scene in the movie, where she is about to go to the Opera.. close your eyes perhaps and listen to the song..i find it quite lovely
      I don't think many women want to be rescued.. just someone decent.. with a little sense etc... humanoid..preferably

  2. When "Bridget Jones' Diary" first came out, I had no intention of going to see it but there was nothing else on at the movie theatre, so I saw it after all. And unexpectedly LOVED it! Of course, it DID have Colin Firth in it as "Mr (Mark) Darcy." I even read the book after that. But actually, the movie was MUCH better and improved the plot line tremendously.

    1. I read a book called PS I Love you by Cecelia Ahern many years ago. The book was great.. the film was definitely not. Mr Darcy. i enjoyed the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice so much i bought the box set for my mum, secretly hoping she let me borrow it. that didn't happen:). I don't think my mum ever watched it.

  3. How you feel about Bridget Jones Diaary is how I feel about 4 movies that are the total opposite of the other- a sappy movie Endless Love ( don't laugh!), The Color Purple, Imitation of Life, and Mommie Dearest.

    1. Sorry..I did laugh a little :-).. sounds sweet
      Alieux.. you brought out the big guns! The Colour Purple.. now that's some film. Mommie Dearest I don't know.. will look out for that. Imitation of Life?.. Is that about a black woman who passes her daughter as white..( as she's very fair in complexion) the daughter is ashamed of and denies any knowledge of her black mother, until her last days.. then she breaks down in tears..? Set in America during Jim crow years?..If so.. I've seen the tale end. One of my brothers used to be into that film .

  4. My favourite film is Schindler's List.

    1. Surprisingly ..I've never seen it Joe
      I really should rectify that !