Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reincarnated souls

I'm actually not too tired this evening, but I'm still glad we're approaching Friday.
I'm trying to improve my diet, eat more healthily.. so perhaps that's why
That.. and iron
That..and not stressing too much.
I thought today about reincarnated souls.. that thought led me to Bunny Wailer's song of that title.. which lead me to reflecting on the tracks I love the most.
Hence the Bunny spotlight
One thing leads to another.

I read somewhere once that after we're born, we spend the remainder of our lives trying to reconnect or remember, that which our souls already know.. or once knew. that when we feel out of sorts, it's an indication that something is not true.. or right, deep within us.
Perhaps, there's something we need to do
Are avoiding
Need to confront
Or release

Other times it's simply..
An unmet basic need
A lousy day
Or a row with a loved one
Something simple
Not too deep
Knowing which is which is important
It helps
But... if..
We are reincarnated souls
I wonder what my souls purpose is
Why I feel what I feel, when I feel it
I wonder what I 'm missing..
If I'm missing it, at all
Do we all have karmic ties we need to deal with?
I remember once also reading that we are never off our path.. wherever we are, or whatever we're going through in life ..
So.. smile.. it's Thursday


  1. Ha my work starts on a Friday and the weekend!! So i'll do my smiling on Monday morning! :D

  2. Lol that's quite cool.. Grrr rub it in :)

  3. Can't wait until friday at 8 pm, because i will be in my bed, asleep. i'm tired.

  4. That's early Alieux!, but then you get up really early.. yep..roll on Friday