Tuesday, 17 September 2013

To the bone

French class went well..tres bien!. Will practice with my handouts
Ti's 1st uni day is tomorrow.
We're both very pleased.
He's a bit nervous but he's looking forward to it.. so he'll be fine. Proud of him. He's come along well since leaving school. The college experience definitely suited him far more.

Almost mid week, and I'm cold. Incredibly cold. I've tried to warm up but so far nothing has worked. My priority will be...over the next few days...to try and remain as warm as possible

In fact, I felt extremely cold for most of today. No matter what i did, i just couldn't seem to get warm
It began well enough.. but wow.. the body has some serious adjustments to make to prepare for chilly autumn nights and frosty winters.
Like many people I function best when warm
There is a noticeable difference that I feel
so a priority for me is to keep as warm, as possible.

I know I have a wimpish attitude when it comes to the cold
esp as Winter hasn't even kicked in yet...

Faux fur coat?
Winter soups

For now?... it's turn up the thermostat time..


  1. I for one am very glad that the weather is cooler. I have been so hot all summer and I am tried of it.

    1. Hot and sticky huh.. I could still take a little more :)

  2. I recommend fleece for warmth! We love it here in Canada.

    1. A fleece. thanks for the tip. I shall invest!

  3. Yeah it sure has turned cold hasn't it? I have a stinking cold too. So I'm feeling sorry for myself.

    You asked me what music I play as a dj. Well I'm a mobile dj, I do gigs for teens through to 75th birthday parties and everything in between. I play it all. From dubstep to the foxtrot!

    But my own personal taste in music is probably what I feature on my music blog here.


    1. Your job sounds great! hope you get better soon :)

  4. I can relate. I am dreading the colder months. I'm definitely a warm natured person

    1. Winter can be picturesque... but the cold?!! Argh. It takes alot of energy keeping warm. *glum face* :)