Monday, 23 September 2013

You and me

We look different
Perhaps like different things..
food.. music.. taste in clothes
Our life journey's are varied..
Often complex
Sometimes simple.
We present our various histories.. stories of place.. and displacement
We experience inequality.. insincerity.. insecurity..joy
We may be judged by our appearances
It is often so.
Judged further by our actions
Although we may read about each other.. we often experience little of each other
Although we may build walls around ourselves..
No man, or woman, is an island
We breathe in.. and out.. until we stop.

We all desire love..
To share and receive
To be heard..
and to listen
To see..
and be seen
We all feel a need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm
In reality we share more in common..
than that which divides us

It's okay to be different
No really.. it is
Not a carbon copy
Our bodies..
House their own unique beauty
Allow your beauty to shine
and bask in the glow..
of another's
Can you see it?
and beautiful