Saturday, 28 September 2013

Taking it easy on Samedi

I’m taking it easy with Ky today. A nice tonic when you're feeling a little under the weather.

Here he is.. in my boots.

After finding Ti's tiny collection of red nose day noses today

Showed me a few of his dance moves
I showed him a few of mine, and he laughed.
We'll have a quiet day, one full of questions I’m sure, but it's a chance to catch up with how he getting on at school.
He's growing fast, and thankfully currently playing an imaginary... fill my car with gas.. game.
He's only here for the weekend


As he worked on a project, I asked Ti this morning, if he has study music..
He says no as he finds it distracts him...
I said try some classical... apparently it helps you concentrate... try Rembrandt or something... err no.. he was an artist *giggles*
Ok... name a composer... but leave out Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky
"I don't know any"
"Me neither"
"How about some Elgar"
"Ok..", he found some
So I thought I’d tease him. Every time he put it on, I started talking really fast in this weird monotone voice
"thesquarerounteof525 000, 000is...computecomputecompute,thereareovera billionstarsinthesky,yetfewinhabitableplanetsknowntoman=... inthe 18c the government issueda prolcamationoutlawing..".. pure crap!
Heck, I wish I was smart like that.. but Stephetta Fry I aint

"What are you on about?" he laughed
"I can help it!" I told him.. "The classical's taking over, and I immediately feel more intelligent!"
..."see it's happening again (cue more rapidnonfacts)... "It's a fact that listening to classical music makes one more intelligent"...

I'm such an arse... I laughed

He threatened to turn it off
But oddly enough, despite my joking around around, he kept it on, on low, but on...
Was relaxing enough.. a nice break.
I was tempted to tell him to put a suit on...
Apparently that works wonders for one’s intelligence too...
But I didn't want to overdo it
I know... I have silly humour...

Is there are music that helps you to concentrate..?
Do you have any weird rituals or beliefs?

Does classical music played to babies in the womb promote their intelligence?
Do you feel smarter in certain clothes?
Do you put new shoes on the table?
Do you trust a man with thin lips or shiny shoes?
Do you walk under ladders?
Do you interpret your dreams?
Are redheads lively?
Do all black women have big round butts
Can white men dance?
Do all dreads smoke?
Are some nations barbaric?
Are we all one?
If you put all egomaniacs and sociopaths on an island together, would they get on?
If I boil garlic and honey will I feel better quicker?
Does that remedy only work with rum?

Should Carol Jackson give David a chance.. again?
Or run like the wind.. and give her new beau a chance?


  1. Cute kid! I was taught never to put ANY shoes on the table, new or otherwise, because that brings disappointment. I suspect hygiene is really behind that superstition, though.

  2. My little grandson. full of beans!. I suspect you are right.. cant imagine a reason to put shoes on the table .. especially old ones.. New shoes on the bed is another one..

  3. OMG, that child is adorable! Please give him a hug for me.

    As for weird beliefs, I try not to share them. All I can say is I believe in fairies. I believe in putting my old jewelry on trees because I think it makes them happy. I talk to bugs and stuffed animals. That is all I am saying...Don't want to end up in the looney bin.

    1. He got plenty hugs.. cute little thing.
      jewelry on trees huh.. I do like lights on trees, makes them look really pretty at night