Thursday, 26 September 2013

Not nagging..

Il est Jeudi et je suis malade..
I'm battling a sore throat and sore stomach aka stomach ache.
It's okay though.. not too bad..

I'm pleased it's Friday tomorrow. Vendredi
Je parle un peu francais, je suis etudiant..

I find writing in French helps me remember...a little
Restful evening tonight.. I under-seasoned my dinner so it was nice but could have tasted much nicer. Ti 's coming on leaps and bounds theses days, cooking dinner on my late evenings, doing the dishes etc.. without me even having to ask.
Great.. took 20yrs but ..i think he's got it!
It's nice, and a BIG help to me.

I've tended to try to explain why I say the things I say.. as I know that sometimes if I say things over and over , it can seem like nagging, so I've altered my approach over the years. basically.. space it out a bit more:)
So now, I don't think he sees me as a nagging mum.. as much as I suspect he used to.

Anyway.. as a result we are both able to enjoy our evenings more

I'm looking forward to the weekend, and a few days off next week
My body tells me so


  1. All Moms nag. It's part of the job description. Feel better soon!

    1. Hope to Debra.. thanks:)
      I've tended to say well.. If you did it the 1st or even 5th time I asked i wouldn't have to repeat it.. then it became.. you not tired of hearing me say this??
      Then..it simply became - a look.. hmm possibly add a head shake. So yes, I have a feeling you're right.. it is in the J.D, no getting away from it! Until they start to mature perhaps

  2. It looks like your French is coming along nicely!

    Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your time off without being sick.

  3. Slowly Birdie, but i'm picking up a little :)
    Hope so too.. have you noticed sometimes, that time off can sometimes see to bring on a bout of 'urgh.. feel like kwap' - ness!?..