Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Room 101

Do you know..

That as time goes on..
The more I see, hear, and feel...
The more I appreciate the kind people I meet
As I recognise... how truly special they are
No pretense.

Kindness is not a weakness
Although it's sometimes perceived to be foolhardy.
Sometimes, I could scream.
Yet little difference it would make
Although its good to vent at times.. to let it out

Give it up tp the heavens I say, but know, that it's usually the things we care, or feel strongly about that get us moving, growing
and make us stronger
Strong enough to fight the good fight
To change it you have to recognise it
In room 101 today?
I could fill it
But for now..
and rudeness
together, or apart.. they're both going in

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