Sunday, 8 September 2013

Songs from the Gram

I love this song very much.
Not sure why, but it got under my skin many moons ago I guess. It sure does evoke a few memories.. home, family, Sunday evenings..
and hey... it is Sunday evening after all
Plus its sweet, romantic and very simple.
No fuss.

Had a quiet day today, not doing too much. Watched Pocahontas with Ti which was a laugh as we used to watch it when he was small.,. so all the classic songs came out.. along with memorable lines..
Ti decided to whip out his phone and give me the low down on the real story of Pocahontas (sounded like a straight up capture to me)
Whats funny is when I do that.. he rolls his eyes.. tells me i'm so extra, then asks me why i'm getting my BA involved.. cheek.
Yeah, whatever, at least get it right Ti.. geesh
No-one can talk through a show like his uncle that's for sure :)

Happy Sunday anyway all, whatever you're doing
Revival selection.. a trip down memory lane N16


  1. Happy Sunday to You, Too!
    Thank you for sharing this fabulous music.

    yeah, about Pocahontas - i wonder how SHE would tell her story . . . there's a lot of history that makes me wonder stuff like that . . .

    I see why you won the lovely blog award . . . it's well deserved.

  2. Thank you v much Maggid!
    I'm glad you've enjoyed the music too
    Disney tells of a lovely love story huh.. :)